Foreign Online Shops That Ship To Ghana Directly

Every now and then, you may want to buy new clothing, equipment or electronic gadgets for your personal use.

Mostly, in such situations, the belief is that buying them from abroad is cheaper and more likely to be of good quality.

And truthfully, most of these items are cheaper when you buy them from foreign websites.

But, there is a catch. Most of these sites do not ship directly to Ghana. You have to use a shipping relay service to ship from those websites to Ghana.

Very often than not, this method means more shipping fees and also a very high likelihood of losing your package through delivery.

So conversely, this contradicts the mantra that shopping from foreign websites is cheaper than buying right here in Ghana.

But, this should not be a dead-end for you. In this article, we take you through some foreign websites which deliver straight to Ghana.

Stay tuned and read through the list below.


Joom is an online store for purchasing home appliances, clothing, footwear, bedding sets, jewellery and other ornaments.

Joom features products from the most productive Asian countries mostly. Products from China, Singapore, India and Korea are mostly featured on this platform the most.

You can buy items such as earrings, shoes, garden equipment, living room items and many others from Joom.

Joom accepts Paypal payments, bank cards, Apple pay and Google pay as its payment methods.

DHL Eshop Africa

DHL is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading delivery services. To aid easy delivery of services in Ghana and other African countries, DHL has set up an online shop.

The DHL Eshop Africa is an online supermarket which has selected items from some of the leading eCommerce shops globally. They include items from American Eagle, Amazon, Amazon UK, Fashionnova and many others.

You can buy your favourite sneakers, shirts, trousers and everything you need from this shop.

Depending on the shop from which you are shopping, the payment methods come in various forms. They include Visa Payment, Paypal, Master card and many other payment methods.

B and H Photo

The home of authentic, durable and affordable videography and photography tools is B and H Photos and videos.

On this online shop, you can buy lots of gadgets including digital cameras, lenses, drones and aerial imagine devices.

You can also purchase TV sets, mobile phones, audio devices, lighting systems, surveillance cameras and many many other devices.

For ease-of-use, the devices are categorized based on their uses. So there is the photography category, there is the videography category, there are the pro audio and audiovisuals categories as well.

Payment methods available on this site include credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, cash and cheque.


Aliexpress is also another Chinese website which deals in lots of items such as clothing, ornaments, shoes, electrical gadgets and home design materials.

Items on Aliexpress are sold in both bulk and in singles. So, it’s a place for people seeking to open drop-shipping or buying and selling businesses.

It’s also good for those seeking to buy various items for their personal use at a more affordable rate.

Aliexpress supports all payment methods including Paypal, Visa Card, Webmoney and bank transfers.

You can buy almost everything on Aliexpress and get them delivered to you right here in Ghana.

It’s actually one of the reliable sites for making purchases online.


Buying items from outside Ghana can be a painful process sometimes. Issues of shipping and delivery become the most difficult hurdle most times.

It’s either the sites are not delivering directly to Ghana or even those delivering directly to Ghana end up messing things up by sending the items to the wrong address.

So, you may want to rather buy such items from Ghana at a more expensive price – when you could have purchased them online easily.

In this article, we took a good look at some foreign websites where you can buy items and get them delivered to you right here in Ghana.

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