Four Friendliest Dog Breeds For Your Family

Are you interested in adopting a canine? The decision to include a new furry member to the family requires individuals to consider a myriad of indispensable factors, such as its size, vigor, and diet requirements. 

When looking for the right dog breed, families are advised to pick a warm-hearted, loyal, and humorous companion. There are numerous pet-friendly websites, such as, which provide guides to various dog breeds. 

These are some of the friendliest canines you should consider adding to your family.

Labrador retriever

Labrador retrievers are known to be one of the friendliest and most affectionate companions whose gleeful personality makes them the perfect family members. These furry creatures are not only carefree with kids but also with strangers, as Labradors simply adore being in the presence of people. Besides being loving, this dog breed is considered amazingly loyal and intelligent. 

Their warm-hearted nature is why Labradors are often chosen to be therapy and assistance dogs, providing help to both senior people and individuals with some sort of disability. These fluffy companions are tireless, always interested in playing fetch or running around the yard. Despite their courageous character, Labs are lousy at being watchdogs, as they will not scare but welcome intruders in your home with their cheerful grin and wagging tail. 

Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are another popular choice of friendly dog breed, characteristic for the puppyish behavior even in their adult years. These golden creatures are willing to engage in play not only with people but with other animals as well. Their adoring nature and compassionate behavior are the main reasons why families make Golden retrievers their choice of pets. 

In addition, this dog breed is one of the most obedient when it comes to training, mostly because of their non-stop eagerness to please their owners. Golden retrievers are vigorous creatures, never too tired to have a swim or play fetch. As long as pet parents provide them with a sufficient amount of exercise on a daily basis, these creatures will have no trouble adapting to living not only in a house but also in an apartment. Visit this page to learn some helpful techniques for training a Golden retriever. 

Boston terrier

The goofy smile and silly behavior of Boston terriers speak volumes about their big-hearted personality and hyperactive spirit. These canines are always in the mood for making new friends, being the happiest in the presence of children and other animals. A person only has to take one look at their round, soulful eyes to fall in love with their adoring nature. 

Although looking goofy, Boston terriers are surprisingly intelligent, hence being easy to train. These furry creatures make excellent pets because of their adaptability and vigorousness. Whenever you need a cuddle, your Boston terrier will come running. It takes a short time for this dog breed to win the heart of humans, as no person is immune to their sweetness and liveliness. 

Irish setter

Irish setters are another favorite of families, as these canines are not only sociable but also highly inquisitive. Consequently, such a dog would be your faithful companion whenever you engage in an activity or visit new places. The hunting instinct is what makes Irish setters fond of exploration and spending plenty of time outdoors. 

Furthermore, this dog breed is well-known for its incessant energy, which requires owners to engage these pets in at least one-hour daily exercise. Keep in mind that Irish setters are likely to become destructive and mischievous when provided with no chance to channel their energy. Therefore, these fluffy canines are best suited for families that plan to involve them in all types of everyday activities. 

Additionally, the humor and obedience of Irish setters are why hospitals and retirement homes use them as therapy dogs. Their puppy-like spirit is responsible for their mischievous behavior and eagerness to play. Although you might need plenty of patience to train an Irish setter into an obedient creature, you’ll get a loyal companion for a lifetime. 

Final word

Adopting a canine companion is an important decision. 

Take some time to explore the traits of various dog breeds before welcoming a new member to your family!

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