Four Things To Do When Your Internet Connection Gets Very Slow

One of the most annoying moments anyone can endure is when your phone or laptop wouldn’t connect to the internet, in the middle of something important.

You’re probably watching your favorite movie online or probably watching a live stream or perhaps, checking out some new sites. Then, all of a sudden, your phone won’t connect to the internet. Or better still, it comes on but with a lot of lagging.

The obvious question is: What do I do now To restore my connection?

1. Check your data balance

One thing you don’t want to overlook when your phone is lagging behind, is the volume of data bundle you have left.

In most cases, once your data bundle is near finished, you’ll begin to feel your internet speed reducing.

To check your data, simply dial *124# across all networks.

2. Perform A Bandwidth Test

You want to be sure if truly your internet access has slowed down completely or not. So the next thing to do after checking your internet bundle is for you to do a bandwidth test which tests the upload and download speed of your network. This enables you to determine if there’s a more serious problem with your device, the website you tried visiting or if it’s just a network issue. You can perform a bandwidth test on, and

3. Turn Off Your Data Or Wifi

If after checking your data balance and internet speed , you’re sure that you have enough data and so should not be having issues with your internet, the next thing you should do is to turn off your data or wifi.

Turn it off for a minute or two and turn it back on again.

Usually, if your problem is as a result of prolonged use of the network, everything should begin to work fine from here.

4. Restart Your Device Completely

If after trying all the above three steps, your internet still crawls like a tortoise, you should consider warm-booting your device.

If you’re using a laptop or your mobile phone, you should consider restarting at this point.

Some devices begin to misbehave once they’ve had a certain hour of use cycle without break. And this tends to affect the internet activities of the phone as well.

So, restarting the phones re-establishes a new connection with your network, which should be the solution you’ve yearned for.

Note: If all the above don’t work for you, you should consider replacing your router, or change your sim card and if possible, give a call to your Internet Service provider, seeking their help. They should be in position to relieve you of the agony associated with this.

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