FourCredy: How to apply and get GHS 300 online loan

With the greatest degree of data privacy, FourCredy’s online credit loan program assists Ghanaians with their lending demands. FourCredy is an online credit loan software that helps Ghanaians with their loan needs with the highest level of protection for your information.

This lending institution claims to guarantee that customer data is protected and not divulged or sold to third parties.

How to apply for a Fourcredy loan

  1. Download the Fourcredy app for free from the Google Play store.
  2. Activate your membership by Creating a Fourcredy account by entering your personal information in the app.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Obtain Permission for Real-time approval is available. The monies will be sent to your Mobile Money account after they have been authorized.

How does Fourcredy loan work

  1. Only enter your information once after downloading the app.
  2. Immediately receive a loan decision
  3. If you’re accepted, deposit money right away into your mobile account.
  4. 91 days is the minimum repayment period.
  5. 356 days is the maximum payback period.

How to apply and get GHS 300 online loan

  1. signup for the partition form
  2. You must include your source of income in the partition form
  3. To be eligible for a Fourcredy Loan, you must have a working ID. Driver’s license, NHIA membership, voter ID, national ID, or passport should be the ID type you provide.
  4. You must be above 18 and a resident of Ghana.
  5. MTN Mobile Money or AirtelTigo Money account that has been open for at least two months and is registered in your name.

Is Fourcredy loans legit?

Well, people do give reviews on Fourcredy loans website yet it is not listed on Trustpilot.

What is the maximum amount to borrow on Fourcredy loans online?

Fourcredy gives loans up to GHS 3000 with an interest of GHS 30gh for a specified duration

What is the minimum amount to borrow on Fourcredy loans online?

The minimum amount to borrow on Fourcredy loans is GH 100 with an interest of GHS 1 for a specified duration


Fourcredy may be a popular loan platform. We are not affiliated with them in any way, this post is to inform you how they operate and how to signup and get GHS300. We hope this piece helps you to figure things out yourself.

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