Franko Phones: Phone Price List, Shop Locations & Phone Numbers

Affordable prices, quality phones, and best warranty services, this makes Franko Trading Enterprise stand out to be the nation’s best shop for mobile devices. If you are looking for your dream Android phone or Apple’s newest iPhone, you got no worries with Franko Phones.

By the end of reading this article, you will discover a lot more about Franko Phones. Like how you can discover Franko Phones branch locations, how you can order for a delivery of your shopping cart and also the complete up-to-date price list of Franko Phones.

Franko Trading Phones has proven to earn the best spot for providing high quality and affordable transmission gadgets in Ghana and the world at large. So, before you get excited purchase your phone, let’s quickly delve into the reasons why you should consider shopping with Franko Trading Enterprise.

Why You Should Shop with Franko Trading Enterprise

  • Extensive Product Range: Franko Trading Enterprise understands the Ghanaian technology market well and offers a wide selection of products. You can find everything you need without having to visit multiple shops.
  • Convenient Shopping Experience: Whether you prefer online or offline shopping, Franko Trading Enterprise caters to your convenience. Once you place an order, you can expect prompt delivery to your location in excellent condition. We will talk about placing of orders soon so keep reading!
  • Affordable Prices: Whatever item you wish to purchase, Franko Trading Enterprise ensures that their prices are budget friendly. You can trust that their pricing accommodates various budgets.
  • Genuine Products: Franko phones and other products offered by Franko Trading Enterprise are guaranteed to be authentic. You can shop with confidence, knowing that you won’t end up with counterfeit goods, especially when it comes to mobile phones.

Now that you trust Franko Trading Enterprise, let’s delve into our main topic starting the latest phone price list at Franko Phones.

Franko Phones Price List

From smart Samsung Z-Flips to the most affordable Itel keypads, Franko Phones will award you with free accessories like pen drives, air Pods, Smart Watches, TV’s and many more after your purchase.

We outlined the list with newest prices available , so keep reading!

Here’s the newest Franko Phones price list in their categories:


Phone NamePrice
SAMSUNG A256E (A25) (256GB+8GB)GHS 3,499.00
SAMSUNG A155 (A15) (256GB+8GB)GHS 2,599.00
SAMSUNG A155 (A15) (128GB+4GB)GHS 1,899.00
SAMSUNG A055F (A05) (64GB+4GB)GHS 1,159.00
SAMSUNG A055F (A05) (128GB+4GB)GHS 1,349.00
SAMSUNG A057F (A05S) (64GB+4GB)GHS 1,699.00
SAMSUNG A24 (A245) (128GB+6GB)GHS 2,999.00
SAMSUNG A24 (A245) (128GB+4GB)GHS 2,799.00
SAMSUNG S24 ULTRA (S928B) (256GB+12GB)GHS 16,999.00
SAMSUNG S24 (S921B) (256GB+8GB)GHS 11,299.00
SAMSUNG S24 (S921B) (128GB+8GB)GHS 10,499.00
SAMSUNG S24+ (S926B) (512GB+12GB)GHS 14,499.00
SAMSUNG S24 ULTRA (S928B) (1TB+12GB )GHS 21,499.00
SAMSUNG S24+ (S926B) (256GB+12GB)GHS 12,999.00
SAMSUNG S24 ULTRA (S928B) (512GB+12GB)GHS 18,599.00


Phone NamePrice
IPHONE 15 PLUS (128GB)GHS 11,800.00
IPHONE 15 (128GB)GHS 10,250.00
IPHONE 15 PRO MAX (256GB) GHS 17,250.00
IPHONE 14 PRO (256GB)GHS 14,500.00


Phone NamePrice
ITEL A70 (A665L) (128GB+3GB)GHS 820.00
ITEL P55 (128+4GB) PLUSGHS 1,110.00
ITEL P55+ (128GB+8GB)GHS 1,480.00
ITEL A70 (A665L) (256GB+4GB)GHS 1,000.00 – GHS 1,040.00
ITEL 2166GHS 115.00 – GHS 120.00
ITEL A18S (32GB+2GB)GHS 560.00 – GHS 590.00
ITEL S23+ (S681LN) (128GB+4GB)GHS 1,744.00 – GHS 1,860.00
ITEL A05S (32GB+2GB) (A663L)GHS 693.00 – GHS 735.00
TEL S23 (128GB+8GB)GHS 1,116.00 – GHS 1,200.00
ITEL A60S (128GB+4GB)GHS 810.00 – GHS 830.00
ITEL A04 (32GB+2GB)GHS 671.00 – GHS 710.00
ITEL S23 (256+8) 4GGHS 1,209.00 – GHS 1,300.00
ITEL S23 (128+4) 4GGHS 819.00 – GHS 880.00
ITEL P40+ (128+4)GHS 1,070.00 – GHS 1,150.00
ITEL A60S (64GB+4GB) 4GGHS 733.00 – GHS 770.00
ITEL P40 (64GB+4GB) 4GGHS 730.00 – GHS 780.00
ITEL 2163GHS 95.00 – GHS 100.00
ITEL S18 PRO (64+4)GHS 1,256.00 – GHS 1,300.00
ITEL P17 PRO (32GB+2GB) 4GGHS 660.00
ITEL P17 PRO (32GB+2GB) 3GGHS 550.00
ITEL A58 PRO (32GB+2GB)GHS 660.00
ITEL 5081GHS 150.00 – GHS 160.00
ITEL S17 (16gb+1gb)GHS 865.00
ITEL 5626GHS 222.00 – GHS 240.00
ITEL 5615GHS 177.00 – GHS 190.00


Phone NamePrice
TECNO SPARK 20 PRO+ (KJ7) (256GB+8GB)GHS 2,820.00
TECNO SPARK 20 PRO (KJ6) (256GB+8GB) 4GGHS 2,420.00
TECNO SPARK 20 (KJ5) (256GB+8GB)GHS 1,940.00
TECNO POP 8 (BG6) (64GB+3GB) 4GGHS 1,055.00
TECNO POP 8 (BG6) (128GB+4GB) 4GGHS 1,265.00
TECNO PHANTOM V FLIP 5G (AD11) (256GB+8GB)GHS 7,790.00
TECNO CAMON 20 (CK6) (256GB+8GB)GHS 2,160.00
TECNO POP 7 BF6 (64+2) 4GGHS 950.00
TECNO SPARK 9 PRO (128GB + 4GB)GHS 2,012.00
TECNO SPARK 8C (KG5K) (64+3)GHS 1,512.00
TECNO T352GHS 188.00
TECNO T467GHS 241.00
TECNO T475GHS 272.00
TECNO T101GHS 130.00
TECNO SPARK 8P (128+4) 4GGHS 2,048.00
TECNO POP 5P (32+2GB)GHS 1,024.00
TECNO POP 5 (32GB/2GB)GHS 1,067.00
TECNO T485GHS 317.00
TECNO T313GHS 180.00


Phone NamePrices
NOKIA G22 (128GB+4GB)GHS 1,620.00
NOKIA C32 (64GB+4GB)GHS 1,260.00
NOKIA 105 DUALGHS 120.00
NOKIA C21 (32GB/2GB)GHS 1,100.00
NOKIA G10 (32GB+3GB)GHS 1,280.00
NOKIA 210GHS 400.00
NOKIA 6310GHS 500.00
NOKIA G10 (64GB+4GB)GHS 1,400.00
NOKIA C20 (16GB/2GB)GHS 930.00
NOKIA G20 (64GB/4GB)GHS 1,400.00
NOKIA 150GHS 350.00
NOKIA 5310GHS 450.00
NOKIA 110GHS 150.00


Phone NamePrice
INFINIX HOT 40I (128GB+8GB) 4GGHS 1,595.00
INFINIX HOT 40 (X6836) (256GB+8GB) 4GGHS 2,165.00
INFINIX HOT 40I (X6528) (256GB+8GB)GHS 1,815.00
INFINIX HOT 40I (128GB+4GB)GHS 1,325.00
INFINIX SMART 8 (X6525) (128GB+4GB)GHS 1,215.00
INFINIX SMART 8 (X6525) (64GB+3GB)GHS 995.00
INFINIX NOTE 30 (X6716B) (128GB+8GB)GHS 1,975.00
INFINIX HOT 30I (X669) (128GB+4GB)GHS 1,128.00
INFINIX SMART 7 HD (X6516) (64GB+2GB)GHS 915.00
INFINIX HOT 12I (64/3)GHS 800.00


Phone NamePrice
SQ 777GHS 320.00
SQ LS 200 (16+2)GHS 1,680.00
SQ LS 100 (16+2)GHS 1,350.00

Tablets & Other Phone Brands

Phone NamePrice
TCL TAB 8 (32GB+3GB) (9132G)GHS 1,020.00
SAMSUNG TAB S9+ (X816B) (256+12) (5G)GHS 14,000.00
SAMSUNG TAB S9 ULTRA 256GB+12GB) (5G)GHS 15,540.00
HUAWEI MATEPAD SE (64+4)GHS 2,423.00 – GHS 2,500.00
TCL TKEE MID (32GB+2GB)GHS 1,160.00
NOKIA T21 (64GB+4GB)GHS 1,970.00
ITEL PAD 1 (4G) 64+2GBGHS 1,279.00 – GHS 1,370.00
HOPE 7 PRO (32GB+2GB)GHS 633.00
HUAWEI NOVA Y61 (128GB+4GB)GHS 2,201.00
ALCATEL 1T7 (4G) 9013TGHS 660.00
TCL 40SE (256GB+6GB)GHS 1,360.00
TCL 408 (T507U) (64GB+4GB)GHS 1,050.00
TCL 30SE (128+4GB)GHS 1,250.00
VIVO Y81 (128GB+6GB)GHS 700.00
OALE A529GHS 153.00
OALE A05GHS 85.00

Franko Phones Shop Locations

With over 20 shops in Ghana, purchasing your dream phone at a Franko Trading Enterprise branch is much easier. We have listed each shops contact information in their respective regions, so you won’t get lost on your way.

Below, you will find the closest shop near you with its contact information.

Greater Accra Region – Accra

  1. Adabraka Shop: 0302225651
  2. Nkrumah Circle Shop 1: 0207631070
  3. Nkrumah Circle Shop 2: 0261506861
  4. Osu Oxford Street Shop: 0246663560
  5. Tema Shop: 0246627204
  6. Madina Shop: 0241184688
  7. Haatso Shop: 0243628837
  8. Accra Shop: 0561925889
  9. LAPAZ SHOP: 0561944202

Volta Region – Ho

  1. Ho Shop: 0266363323
  2. Hohoe Shop: 0558106241

Eastern Region – Koforidua

  1. Koforidua Shop: 0268313323

Ashanti Region – Kumasi

  1. Kumasi Shop 1: 0245316969
  2. Kumasi Shop 2: 0245232091
  3. Kumasi Shop 3: 0501525698
  4. Kumasi Shop 4: 0206310483
  5. Kumasi Shop 5: 0322038894
  6. Kumasi Shop 6: 0261586124

Central Region – Cape Coast

  1. Cape Coast Shop: 0264212339
  2. Kasoa Shop: 0264084686
  3. Swedru Shop: 0557872937

Western Region – Sekondi

  1. Takoradi Shop: 0249902589

Northern Region – Tamale

  1. Tamale Shop: 0265462241

Oti Region – Dambai Not listed

Bono East Region – Techiman

  1. Techiman Shop: 0275577500

Bono Region – Sunyani

  1. Sunyani Shop: 0202765836
  2. Berekum Shop: 0209835344

Western North Region- Sefwi Wiawso

  1. Takoradi Shop: 0312032932
  2. Tarkwa Shop: 0267207875

Upper West Region – Wa

  1. Wa Shop: 039204472

Upper East Region – Bolgatanga

  1. Wa Shop: 039204472

How to Place an Order on

Now that your shopping cart is happily full, you will have to place an order. Is very easy, simply follow the steps listed.

  1. On the website, click or tap on the shopping cart icon.
  2. After that, a pop up will show your subtotal, click on “Proceed to Checkout“.
  3. Now fill all necessary information and add your payment method, either “Cash on Delivery” or “Momopay
  4. Now you are done with order, easy peasy.

What to know about your Franko Phones Order

Now we’ve learnt everything about placing of orders, is time to understand the delivery terms.

According to Franko trading Ent, when you place an order within Accra, delivery is done within 24hours and 48 hours outside Accra.

Also for Accra, payment can be done after delivery but for outside Accra payment is done before delivery.

These are the terms provided, so kindly note.


We’ve learnt a lot about Franko phones in this article, all available phone prices all along to placing an order. Franko Phones always care about their costumers that’s why they are available nationwide. Is always advised to buy genuine phones or any other devices in their brand new as they will last long and also, save you lot of cash.

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