Free Browsing Cheats and Tricks in Ghana; Truth or Jest?

The notion of Free Browsing has been around for a long time.

The idea that you can be on a telecommunications network and not pay but enjoy data packages is one that amuses and will continue to amuse a lot of people. But is free browsing real?

Well, to some extent, I would agree that there has been a lot of “free browsing” that have been available since the days of java phones and “dead sims”. However, let us concentrate on current occurrences and see if this browsing is really “free”.

Rumoured 2021 Free Browsing Cheats

Rumoured Glo Ghana 2021 Free Browsing Cheat

This one readily comes to memory as I write this post, particularly because I am a “Big Glo Customer” and the emergence of this so-called free browsing trick affected me negatively. My first experience with this promise of cheap and almost free data was in June 2017 on Facebook. I was sharing posts onto facebook groups when I chanced upon a message encouraging people to pay for Glo data at ridiculously low prices.

Data was available to purchase with the seller seeming not to lose anything.
Data were available to purchase with the seller seeming not to lose anything.

I contacted a few friends about how legit this data offer was. The outcome was quite simple: “Someone has been able to hack Glo and they are sharing data but some greedy ones are selling it”. I don’t know how true this hack thing was but what I did find out was that, yes, data has been sold and it was working perfectly well! Could this be a free browsing cheat well executed?

Well, I heard all the data “vanished” after some time. I personally believed this “free browsing” was real because during the period it was “active”, my network (Glo) became terribly slow.

Rumoured Vodafone Ghana 2021 Free Browsing Cheat

Among my friends, Vodafone and MTN have garnered a lot of respect because of their “tight security”. Oh, I do believe those two have tight security but as to how tight, I do not know.

In the case of the Vodafone Free browsing, it appears the discoverers of this trick could even auto-renew whatever bundle they came “stole”. The whole of last month, I had to respond to a lot of WhatsApp messages from people asking me if 6GB of Vodafone Data was been sold for GHS 30 and GHS 20. I became suspicious as there seemed to be no fixed price for the data, but rather a seemingly “reduce price to gain more buyers” methodology.

After speaking to someone I met online, he confirmed my suspicions. There was indeed Vodafone Free Browsing cheats that delivered 6GB and 2GB data, which could also varnish. According to him, Vodafone Ghana knew what was up but “it seemed they had no way to stop it”. Before writing this article, I contacted another person who was on social media selling the Vodafone Data. He maintained that it was a mistake and that he had never sold any Vodafone Data.

My take on Free Browsing Cheats and Tricks

It’s human nature to love free things, and people will continue to go in for this. The telecommunications network here in Ghana, if they really want to stop these “Free Browsing Cheats and Data thefts” will have to consider dropping their data charges and adding more value to the data they provide.

Vodafone X started well but after the price increase in the bundles somewhere in August 2015, coupled with recent dissatisfaction on social media, Vodafone may have to rethink the offer. Tigo Tribe and Big Time Datahas also got a lot of people puzzled after the introduction of the “0.10 GHS” subscription and as for MTN Pulse, it just does not seem enough for anyone.

Do you believe in free browsing cheats? Let’s hear you in the comments section below.

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