Free Data Recovery Software For MacOS you can use

MacOs is a Graphical User Interface Operating System developed and marketed by Apple Inc. MacOs is the second most widely used Operating System after Windows.

It has been the primary Operating System for Apple’s Mac computers since 2001.

Data loss is a serious problem for businesses of all sizes and individuals. Losing files means wasting time and money for data restoration. Files can be lost through:

  • Mistakenly deleting files –
  • Data Corruption
  • Hard disk or storage medium crash.
  • Power cuts
  • Virus and Malware
  • Liquid Damage
  • Hackers and Insiders
  • Disasters
  • Software Corruption.

I will highlight some of the points above and explain much deeper for better understanding.

Mistakenly Deleting Files

So far as we are humans, we are bound to make mistakes sometimes. Humans are not Infallible. Sometimes we might mistakenly over-write data to our existing files which will result in data loss.

Let me use my case as an example, Someone visited me and wanted some files from my computer to his drive. I placed the drive in my machine and automatically the drive was loaded to my existing drives.

In haste to format his drive, I mistakenly formatted my drive containing all my files. That was the most painful moment in my life. A 1 terabyte drive formatted by mistake.

These are some of the mistakes anyone can make, with the help of powerful recovery software, I was able to recover all my files back with no problem. Today I will show you some of the powerful apps you can use to restore your deleted files just keep on following.

Data Corruption

Most at times, downloading files from unsecured websites may result in downloading dangerous viruses and malware to our computer. When it happens so, these viruses have the power to corrupt if not all most of our data.

Some viruses may even make all your Desktop shortcuts unresponsive leading to data corruption.

Hard Disk Or Storage Medium Crush

Majority of data loss is due to hard disk crush. Hard disk crush occur due to mechanical faults or human misuse. Human misuse in the form of dropping or jostling a laptop or computer. When a hard disk crush, the success rate of recovery is very low.

Power Cuts

Unexpected power outages may result to data loss. I remember, losing some important documents on my pen drive due to power outage. Even if you do not lose data, the improper shutdown of the computer may result in hard disk proper lasting impacts.

In case you come across some of these data loss problems, below are some of the free data recovery software you can use on MacOs.

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard For Mac – EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is one of the best free data recoveries to recover data from the empty trash bin. I personally have my own experience with EaseUs.
  2. Disk Drill – Disk Drill offers a free version but if you need more features you have to upgrade to pro. Its one of the popular data recoveries in the market developed to recover lost partitions or files from Mac internal and external drive.
  3. PhotoRec – As the name sounds, PhotoRec helps to recover most common files like, photos, audios, documents, ZIP archives and others from either internal or external drive.
  4. Test Disk – Test disk also allows for multiple file recovery. It helps in fixing partition table due to software crush, virus attack or mistaken formatting.

These are but few free data recovery softwares for your MacOs.


As humans are not infallible, data lost will always occur by human mistake or mechanical mistake. This does not mean data lost can’t be retained. With the exception of broken storage medium or hard disk, data lost can easily be restored when you use one of the above listed softwares.

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