GBWhatsApp shuts down completely; Here is a solution

It is unknown the reasons from the sudden shut down.

Developers of popular and feature-packed WhatsApp Mode, GBWhatsApp have announced that they have stopped all development/modding of the app and will not be releasing any more updates.

The announcement was contained in a twitter message; see below:

I have been a big user of WhatsApp modes, from when the very first mods appeared to now and have suffered different levels of bans from WhatsApp, but here I am, still using mods.

As a WhatsApp mod lover, the announcement is very heartbreaking. However, there is a solution for all those who want to update and still be on some form of WhatsApp Mod.

How to quickly switch to YoWhatsApp

Yousef Al Basha, another WhatsApp modder has developed a very easy migration for all those who were on GBWhatsApp to switch to YoWhatsApp.

The apk, when installed acts like an update and migrates all chats and media downloaded to the new YoWhatsApp.

However, you would soon realise that GBWhatsApp was still miles ahead of YoWhatsApp – which has a focus on Material Design.

Of course, being unofficial apps, you would have to sideload the apk onto their phone as you can’t find them through Google’s Play Store. If you are looking for the YoWhatsApp migration from GBWhatsApp APK, download by clicking here.

WhatsApp has been against these mods and has been cracking down on the developers including threatening a lifetime ban in June 2019 to GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus users. With GBWhatsApp shutting down, it will only be a matter of time before other mods shut down too.

Remember, using Mods are always against the WhatsApp terms of service. You risk a lifetime ban from the service.

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