Get a Free Diagnostics Scan for your Car this September

Fault-free car performance is vital to driving safety and efficiency.

It is always comforting to have the trust that your vehicle is always in good and reliable condition. Every car owner would agree on how frustrating it can be when your car leaves you in the middle of nowhere, with no clue of what’s wrong. Knowing the state of your car even as it runs gives you information on the life expectancy of all its functional components and hence, gives you absolute peace of mind on the road.

Our advanced OBD2 computer diagnostics equipment scans deep into every functional part of your vehicle and detects faults at their early stages. This helps prevent a total part failure or a complete mechanical breakdown which ultimately saves you thousands of Cedis. Professional recommendation is to conduct a full scan at least 2 times a year or after every 60,000km.

What to expect

Our comprehensive vehicle diagnostic equipment would scan your vehicle’s system thoroughly. Report on vehicle state, performance, and maintenance milestones among many others would be generated and finally, our auto engineers would give their remarks and recommendations.

Diagnostics/ Scan coverage

Modern vehicles have a range of sensors that monitor the operation of the engine and other vital systems. Car diagnostic services monitor these systems and pinpoint any faults so these can be rectified. Diagnostic scans would be conducted for the following Systems;

  1. Engine System Diagnostics
  2. Transmission System Diagnostics
  3. Steering System Diagnostics
  4. Brake Assist System Diagnostics
  5. Chassis System Diagnostics
  6. Air Conditioning System Diagnostics
  7. EPB System Diagnostics
  8. TPMS Diagnostics
  9. SRS Diagnostics
  10. ABS Diagnostics

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