How to get & link UBA AfriCard or FAB Prepaid Card to PayPal in Ghana

Ghana is blacklisted by PayPal and that’s why we go through a lot of steps to get a PayPal account.

However, the good thing is that you don’t need to go through a lot of stress to withdraw your hard-earned money that is in your PayPal account.

In fact, a lot of the people who will tell you it is difficult simply to want to take advantage of your quest to get your money fast and offer you very low rates for your money.

I have been withdrawing money from my PayPal account since late 2017 when I first had my UBA AfriCard.

Apart from that, it is now very easy to withdraw from PayPal because the First Atlantic Bank (FAB) Prepaid Card takes less than 5 minutes to get in any of their branches.

To withdraw your money from PayPal in Ghana, you need the following:

  1. UBA AfriCard / First Atlantic Bank Prepaid Card / Access Bank Prepaid
  2. PayPal Account (You can learn how to create one here)

Please note that you can link a wide variety of cards to your PayPal account but the three cards listed above are the only ones you can withdraw from.

How to get First Atlantic Bank Prepaid Card for PayPal in Ghana

Although we recommend using UBA AfriCard, you can also use the FAB Prepaid Card (which is easier to get) or the Access Bank Prepaid Card (same requirements as UBA AfriCard).

To get an FAB Prepaid Card you need to take your valid ID Card and a minimum deposit of GHS 20 to the nearest First Atlantic Bank branch.

They will walk you through the process at the bank and you should have your card in less than 30 minutes.

How to get a UBA AfriCard in Ghana

The UBA AfriCard is one of the best debit prepaid cards in Ghana and West Africa as a whole. It works with most ATMs, POS and online transactions.

I have personally used the card in more than 3 countries and it still works perfectly well. And this is the same card that I got from UBA Ghana.

When you walk to the UBA Bank branch for the AfriCard, you will be asked to provide the following details:

  • Tax Identification Number – TIN
  • Valid National ID
  • Initial Deposit – around GHS 50

Once you have them, here is how to get your UBA AfriCard instantly:

  1. Walk to the nearest UBA Branch
  2. Ask at the enquiries desk that you will want to get a UBA AfriCard
  3. You may be encouraged to open a bank account there but this is not really important
  4. When getting the card, deposit GHS 50 on it
  5. After that, the Bank will get you the card and give you instructions on how to use it.

Please note that the steps to get the UBA AfriCard is the same for getting a new Access Bank Prepaid Card.

How to add your UBA AfriCard (or any other card) to your PayPal Account

  1. Log in to Paypal using this link: by using your email and password.
  2. In the notification area, at the top right-hand corner. Click on it, You will be requested to link a Credit Card (Master Card/Visa Card).
  3. You will be directed to a page to input your card details, in that case, input your UBA Visa Card Details or the details of the particular card you are using (FAB or Access Bank).
  4. Next, Click on the Continue tab after entering your Card details
  5. When done, a small fee will be debited from your Card by Paypal like a Dollar or so, then sent back again to confirm the authenticity of the Card
  6. After that, a page will appear where you will be asked to enter a confirmation page to fully verify your account
  7. Now, check your mobile phone or email, a text message confirmation of the Paypal transaction is sent to the mobile number you used in obtaining your Visa Card
  8. Now you get a combination of numbers and words. The numbers in front of the word CODE in the combination is what you will input in the verification field
  9. After you have entered the code, your account is all set up to start receiving and sending money even while in Ghana


If you need any help getting a UBA AfriCard or withdrawing your paypal funds here in Ghana, try to drop a question and we will get back to you on it.

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