Get your casino fix with these Roulette games

The glitz and glamour of the casino is something that’s hard to match, but when you log on to play online casino games for real money, it certainly comes close. One of most popular forms of online casino gaming is undoubtedly Roulette, in all of its different, and exciting forms. Not sure where to start? Well, not to worry as we’re about to dive in and talk you through some of the best online Roulette games around. 

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Quantum Roulette

Coming from out of this galaxy, beyond space and time, is this high-energy version of Roulette. This game offers a whole host of extra features that you won’t find in the average round of Roulette, online or otherwise. Gameplay begins from as little as 0.20 coins, all the while giving you the chance to win up to 500x your first bet. 

The galactic 3D wheel is placed at the top of the screen, with sparks flying at every turn. The basic details of the Quantum wheel are a lot like any other Roulette wheel, containing 37 numbers running from zero to 36. Once you’ve made your first prediction and wager, you can have your pick of straight bets, red/blacks and splits. Depending on the type of bet that you choose to place, your potential payouts will differ. It’s also worth noting that if you win on a straight-up bet, then the standard payout is 29x your stake which is a little lower than the 35x that you may be used to in regular games of online Roulette. This dip in total payouts is because of all of the special bonuses that the game has on offer, which are sure to help compensate. For example, the Quantum Boost might pop up and increase all available multipliers by up to 50x, whilst the Quantum Leap feature offers a boost of 500x. Activate any of these bonuses and you’ll be in for a game that’s more than worth your time.

Diamond Bet Roulette

If you love the traditional version of Roulette, but you’re crazing a little extra sparkle, then this is the perfect game for you. The gameplay itself is classic, although keep an eye out for the unique bonus bet which will give you the chance to bag a win worth as much as 200,000 credits. To get the wheel spinning, the minimum required bet is just 0.10 coins, although you have the ability to wager up to 200, if you fancy yourself as more of a high roller. 

Once you’ve placed your first single number bet and taken the Roulette wheel for a spin, you’ll be in with the chance to profit from the 35x maximum payout. The wheel itself is similar to the American Roulette style, however instead of a double zero in that extra pocket, you’ll find a dazzling diamond. As soon as you place your bet and the ball comes to a halt, a second spin will begin on the outside of the wheel, with bright lights and diamonds. A whole host of multipliers will be at your disposal, ranging from 15x all the way up to 100x – the amount that the light ends up shining on will signify the multiplier than you’re set to receive. 

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