Gevey Sim For iPhones: Prices In Ghana; Advantages and Disadvantages

For most iPhone users, buying a locked version of an iPhone gives them the courage and trust of buying a legitimate and secure phone.

For this reason, the majority of iPhones used in Ghana are the locked versions of the device.

Unfortunately, with the locked versions, one cannot possibly use local network sim cards in them except they are unlocked.

Unlocking an iPhone here in Ghana permanently is a bit of a problem if not totally impossible.

One unique way of unlocking the devices temporarily, however, is the use of Gevey Sims.

So, in this article, we shall look at the use of Gevey sims in Ghana, their prices, advantages and disadvantages.

What Is A Gevey Simcard?

A Gevey sim card is a small and thin chip that is used together with your normal sim card to enable you to unlock a locked iPhone in order for you to use your local network sims in it.

So, the Gevey sim card is just a thinner version of your normal sim card which helps you break the lock on your iPhone so you can be able to use your normal sim card.

Once you are able to break the lock with Gevey sim card, you don’t need to use it together with your sim card anymore unless your phone has been updated to a new IOS or you move to a different country.

Advantages Of Using Gevey Simcard

Considering that there are some other ways of unlocking your factory locked iPhone aside using the Gevey Simcard, it is import to know the advantages of using the Gevey sim card, when making your decision as to which one you should go for.

  1. It is cheaper as compared with other unlock methods including NCK.
  2. It activates the locked iPhone, therefore allowing you to use any network available.
  3. It doesn’t affect the security or the warranty of your device.
  4. It is easy to use and does not require any complex activities or instructions.
  5. It works with all models of the iPhone, thereby making it a universal unlock method.

Disadvantages Of Gevey Simcards

As the old adage goes, everything has got its own advantages and disadvantages.

So, for as much as Gevey Simcards sound like a perfect means of unlocking your locked iPhone, there are some disadvantages which we need to look at.

  1. For every update you wish to do on your phone, you need to manually enter the ICCID code which is readily available on the IOS website, anyway.
  2. It can cause sim tray problems or network issues if the Gevey sim card isn’t inserted well.
  3. It reduces the value of the phone if you wish to resell later. Especially if the new buyer knows about this.
  4. You can easily get scammed by fake sellers who promise to sell to you at a cheap price.

Price of Gevey Sim in Ghana

Depending on which shop you are buying from, the price of a Gevey SIM will be anywhere between GHS 90 and GHS 200.


You cannot enjoy using your iPhone in Ghana if it is locked to a certain carrier from the manufacturer.

Therefore, it is important for you to unlock the device here before you start using it.

The Gevey Simcard comes as a handy way of unlocking your device for use but before you consider this option, do well to read and understand the implications it may have on your device.

I hope this article was helpful in giving you much information about the Gevey sim card and its use here in Ghana.

If you have any comments, reservations or questions, kindly leave them in the comment session below.

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