Understand Bitcoins: Event: How Cryptocurrency can make you rich!

Last December, I started writing about cryptocurrencies and bitcoins in specific. In parts one and two of the “Understanding Bitcoins” series, we looked at what bitcoins are, why they have become popular, and ways their value is determined. We also went into details to talk about how to create bitcoin wallets and the popular exchanges in Ghana.

For those who are quite new to this Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency thing, it gets confusing. Sometimes, it makes sense to get a face to face meeting, to get people to really understand the whole cryptocurrency space.

The series continues next month. This month, I have been held up busy, as I am making a few preparations for Mfidie and the first ever Accra WordPress Meetup, scheduled to take place in February this year. It was during the WordPress Event discussions with Adjei-Kyeremeh Kofi that I learnt of this event I am about to share with you below.

Cryptocurrency Conference 2018

Consider this analogy:

You buy into an ICO today at a cool price of 20USD. A month or 2 later, this amount is now increased 10 times, that is 200USD in less than 3 months. It’s not a joke, guys. Now imagine if you had bought 1000USD. Do the Math. And that’s how people make money from cryptocurrencies.

On the 10th of February 2018 GC Global in collaboration with Coin Forest brings you the first edition of the cryptocurrency conference happening on the 10th February at iSpace, Accra. At the conference, information will be shared on how to take advantage of an ICO or trade in cryptocurrencies to make returns.The GC Global Bitcoin event is going to teach you all about Cryptocurrency. The truth about Bitcoins, how to buy and sell, trade in crypto and how to invest and make money in the crypto industry. It’s easier than you think.

Who can attend the Cryptocurrency Conference 2018?

  • Tertiary Students and Graduates interested in learning about Cryptocurrency and making money from it
  • Government and Private sector workers looking to make more money
  • High School graduates looking for careers in cryptocurrency
  • Business professionals
  • Investors
  • Anybody interested in making genuine money online

Why should you attend the Cryptocurrency Conference 2018?

  • Learn the current trends in the cryptocurrency world and partake in the business of it
  • There’s money to be made in the crypto world, this event will introduce you to such opportunities
  • The chance to Network with like-minded investors like yourself and leaders in Ghana’s cryptocurrency world
  • Gain skills in cryptocurrency and teach others to make money
  • Be a Bitcoin boss

Event Details

Venue: iSpace, Accra
Date: Saturday, 10th February 2018
Tickets: GHS 30 – Standard, GHS 50 – VIP.
Standard Ticket holders get to enjoy the following: 1. Setup a bitcoin or any cryptocurrency wallet of choice 2. Cocktail
VIP Ticket holders enjoy the following at the event: 1. Setup a blockchain wallet 2. Branded T-Shirts 3. Bitcoin Cash Voucher 4. Cocktail
Registration linkhttps://goo.gl/S4RDYA

Click the link above to register and pay now via Mobile Money, Visa or Master Card.

Register and Pay via Cryptocurrency

For People want to be able to pay for the tickets via cryptocurrencies, here are the addresses you can send payments to for your tickets

Bitcoin: 153BboHcATvonyhMoU4rAS2p68RS4BiVzk
Ethereum: 0x370185e9affc1b6e80d380a4a75a72498cf8bf7d
Litecoin: LPm2Yq18K2tnQnAgGcyYvBc9kziwb3SbH1

When making payment, just add your nato in the payment description.

For more information, call 0200232743

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