Ghana eSports Association Launches Official Website

Ghana eSports Association has launched it's Official Website in a Grand Move to Support and Promote eSports in Ghana

The eSports sector is becoming more and more powerful due to its hardworking members, partners, and promoters across the globe.

In Ghana, the activities of the eSports members and team players have seen a mass improvement for the few years of operation due to the immense contribution of eSports  Gaming Centers, eSports Teams, Design and Media Agencies, Technology Firms, and other individuals, based in Ghana with partnerships and affiliations across Africa and the world.

The Ghana eSports fraternity was set up to focus on grassroots, complex eSports events which would be too demanding for the individuals to undertake on their own.

Establish as a nonprofit organization in the year 2016, the Ghana eSports association aims at helping its members to collaborate at all levels to deliver to more unique experiences via Tournament.

In other to achieve its goal, the Ghana eSports partners with Events organizers to provide supports with other logistics to enhances Ghana’s eSports scene which will help provides massive benefits for the youth and the gaming community.

The e-athletes or players can develop their gaming skills at the local level and GeSA provides opportunities for members to experience their gameplay via live broadcast and direct engagement.

The mission of the association we were told is to use eSports as a tool for the social-economic development of the youth of Ghana via Technology, Education, Entertainment, Community Building, and Sportsmanship.

During the period of operation, the Ghana eSports Association has to undertake some projects including the READ2PLAY Project by Kiddie Esports and Girl Gamer- Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

As an association, which is very serious with its activities and seek to improve the welfare of its members, the Ghana eSports association has officially launched its website to help connect with its members and also make their presence public for an interested individual in Ghana, Africa and the world at large.

Individuals with interest in the eSports in Ghana can easily go to the site and find what so ever information that he or she needs regarding the electronic sports activities in the country.

Online gaming centres and agencies who wish to join the association can also get in touch with the current members and the team leaders on the website using the contact us page located at the button of the site.

Currently, there are about 40 members to Ghana eSports and anyone who is interested in joining the community can do so.

Ghana eSports Association

As a tech blog in Ghana, a web developer, we’ve taken a look at the website and must say it has a nice interface with very clear navigation that anyone can easily locate what so ever information seeking to get on the website. Check the official website here for more details about the GeSA

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