2 “Made In Ghana” Games on the Play Store I love to play

Ghanaian games or apps in general on Google Play are not so much, and the few that have made it there are usually criticized for having either too many adverts or very poor User Interface. Truth be told, a lot of the Ghanaian Developers are more interested in making web apps than apps for Android and iOS.

This past weekend, I decided to download a lot of Ghanaian Games from Google’s Play Store. I asked a few friends for recommendations and I had quite a good list to explore. Overall, I played about 6 different Ghanaian Games but here are the two games that I have not removed from my phone yet. I have enjoyed playing them and will continue to play them for quite some time.

  1. Oware3D

    Oware is a Mancala styled game that is played in West Africa and some parts of Asia. It’s an interesting game full of very simple and complex calculations and anticipations. Your goal, as with other Mancala style games is to capture more seeds than your opponent.

    Oware 3D by Kobby’s Hobby made it to the scene at the 2013 MTN Apps Challenge and it is currently one of the best Android Games coming out of Ghana.
    The game has both single player mode and online multiplayer mode (which is still in its BETA). The game has High Definition (HD) Graphics and a very nice fluid gameplay.
    Last Saturday, I had a friend over at my place and we played Oware 3D on my phone in the local two player mode.

    If you do not know how to play Oware, worry not – the game has a very nice interactive tutorial to get you through understanding the concept quite easy. Other noticeable features of the game is the ability to invite someone via Facebook and to chat with someone during an online Multiplayer game session.

  2. Cedi Rush

    Cedi Rush is a 2D game developed by Heptagon Technology. The storyline for this game is quite simple. It features a character known as “Kwame Ninja”, who is a penniless homeless guy. You play the game as Kwame Ninja in a quest to amass wealth in a cedi rich jungle whilst escaping the many obstacles. The game promises an amazing journey!
    The Ghanaian Game Cedi Rush on the Google Play Store

    I have played this game for quite a while and what I do love about it is the ability to run on very low specs android phones (It played very welll with my phone on Battery Saver Mode). There is also a high score reminder that lets you know and seeks to challenge you to beat your high score. Check this: The game has a 5.0 rating on the Play Store.

    The Ghanaian Game Cedi Rush on the Google Play Store
    The Ghanaian Game Cedi Rush on the Google Play Store

Do you have any Ghanaian Games in mind you love to play? Leave a comment.

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