Ghana Tech Lab: Training Programmes & How To Apply

Located in the Western Part of Africa, Ghana is one of the largest African countries with some of the best technological advancements (I stand to be corrected). Although the country is still not ranked among the top technologically advanced countries, it is gradually developing and can someday be ranked among these countries.

One thing almost all these top-ranked technologically advanced countries have in common is the widespread and easy accessibility to some of the digital and tech skills. Some of these tech skills include digital marketing, website development, content writing, content marketing, etc.

In Ghana, one of the institutions that has devoted its time and resources to make sure these digital skills are accessible and available to every Ghanaian and that startups are also guided on the right part is the Ghana Tech Lab. In this guide, I am going to show you everything you need to know about the Ghana Tech Lab, their training programs, and how to apply.

What is Ghana Tech Lab?

Ghana Tech Lab is an open collaboration tech space for competent digital skills training, seeding innovations, and growing startups. Ghana Tech Lab is a joint venture between Innohub Ghana and Kumasi Hive under the E-Transform Project of the Ministry of Communications and funded by the World Bank.

All the programs provided by the Ghana Tech Lab focuses on providing a fertile farm for innovative promising startups in Africa, early-stage investments for promising startups in Africa, and the provision of competent digital training that impels the creation of a highly-skilled digital workforce/human capital.

The goal of the Ghana Tech Lab is to become the platform for digital innovations in Africa and beyond. The programs and curriculum are designed to make your idea a product/solution that addresses a situation in society.

Over the years, over 6019 people have been trained across Ghana, 619 jobs created, 78 startups incubated, and 32432 overall applications.

Let’s now look at the various training programs available and how to apply.

Ghana Tech Lab Training Programmes

Currently, the Ghana Tech Lab provides two (2) main broad categories of training programs. They are classified as Base and Non-Base programs. the Non-Base programs are organized once in a while and therefore cannot be explained in detail but below are all the base programs and their explanations.

National Web Development Training

The National Web Development Training programme provided by the Ghana Tech Lab focuses on providing young people between the ages of 18 – 35 with hands-on skills in Web Technology and experiences that are relevant to them starting their own startups or securing a job. Some of the modules in this course include:

  • Full-stack Web development course
  • Advanced UI/UX course
  • Introduction to Mobile app development, etc.

These and many others are some of the courses you will learn during this program. Therefore, if you have dreams of pursuing web development then this course is good for you.

National Artificial Intelligence Training

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually changing the world and how technology is evolving and we as individuals must also be ready for it. Ghana Tech Lab’s Artificial Intelligence training programme is designed to enable start-up companies to build profitable businesses and scale them across Africa using modern AI technology tools and business strategies.

This programme includes a six-week intensive AI training and two months incubation. This training lasts for a duration of three months and will train and incubate the next level of AI innovators and businesses in Africa.

National Mobile App Development Training

Just as the name suggests, the National Mobile App Development Training programme trains young people with enhanced training in mobile app development. With the training provided during this programme, you will be able to practically solve some of the basic problems in society through the development of mobile apps.

This course will provide you with one-month training and two months incubation making sure trainees are provided with all the skills they need to start, build, and maintain their own companies or start-ups.

National Digital Media Training

The Ghana Tech Lab National Digital Media Training programme is a flagship program designed to provide young people with relevant media skills needed to promote entrepreneurship under the pathway to sustainable employment. This serves as a building block for the digital skills training and development of startups.

National Mobile App Development Training with Flutter

With this training programme, young entrepreneurs are trained in mobile app development with google Flutter. Upon completion of the three (3) months course duration, which consists of one-month training and two (2) months incubation, you will be fully equipped with both the tech and entrepreneurship skills needed to advance in your career.

How To Apply For Ghana Tech Lab

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your first, middle (if any), and last names in the spaces provided
  3. Select your Gender
  4. Enter your email address and select your nationality
  5. Enter your date of birth, city, and phone number in the provided spaces
  6. Select your region of residence and type of identification
  7. Enter the identification number on your ID card
  8. Click Save & Continue
  9. Follow the screen prompts to select all the things that apply to you and submit your application afterward


Ghana Tech Lab is on a mission to help improve the level of technology literacy in Ghana through different programs and courses. Apart from the training courses, they also provide webinars and community engagements on social media as well.

You can contact them on +233 548 983 036 or via email at [email protected]. Additionally, you can follow them on all the social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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