GhanaWifi: Get Unlimited Home Internet For GHS 150 Per Month

The internet today has become the number source of information & entertainment to each and everyone operating in any field of work. Whether you are a lecturer, a student, business owner, internet entrepreneur or a 9 to 5 worker, you cannot do without the internet. With the migration of labour from human-intensive to machine labour, a lot of people turn to rely on the internet for their daily life activities.

As a business owner, you will need an internet connection to send and receive those important business emails, likewise, an employee will like to refresh his or her mind from the hard day boring work by watching the latest Netflix shows when back from work. All these require an internet connection.

Being in a developed country, you can worry not about internet accessibility. But unfortunately, being in Ghana, you need to spend much to have the internet connectivity package that you want. There are different internet packages provided by service providers in Ghana.

Most of these packages are acquired at a higher price with less data allocation. A lot of internet users seems to be looking for other alternatives for internet packages and this is what today’s post is about.

We have recently discovered a new ISP that we think is worth sharing to our cherished or potential readers. There is this new company which has come to add up to the internet service providers in Ghana. The name of the company is

As the name indicated, this company is solely into providing home and business internet connectivity to anyone who is in need of affordable internet service for his or her activities. Located in the capital city of Ghana, has two different plans you can opt for.

Each of these plans also comes with a sub-package that you can choose to subscribe. With the lowest home plan being GHS 150 per month with unlimited internet connectivity.

Why Ghanawifi?

With the rise in the price of internet data bundle in the country, the GhanaWifi according to them is here to allow you to stay connected without worrying about data running out.

We’ve seen and heard of people complaining of their internet speediness in their localities. The connectivity promises a minimum speed of 5 to 10Mbps to its users and this we think should be a good start for anyone who is streaming or downloading from his/her home or office connection.

How does it work?

The GhanaWifi service is currently based on installation and setup for anyone who is interested in the service. What this means is that, before you can have access to the service, you’ll have to opt for a plan (home or business plan).

Once you opted for a plan, then the GhanaWifi team will come to set up and install the connectivity device for you at your chosen destination with a one-time setup fee of GHS 350. This setup fee is independent of the monthly subscription fee.

How can I subscribe for a package?

After a successful installation of the service device at your Resident or business premises, you will have to subscribe for a package before you can begin to enjoy the service from this company.

The service offer varies from one plan to another, with the lowest one going for just GHS 150 per month. Below are the pictures of the available plans with the package each offer.

Home Plans

Business Plans

What Am I Getting When I Subscribe For a Package?

Unlimited Internet: once you subscribe for a package, you get connected without uninterrupted unlimited internet.

Value for Money: according to GhanaWifi, you get more value for what you pay for. That you also achieve more for less with their unlimited, high-speed internet suitable for your home office or small business needs.

Customer Support: In today’s business world, customer support is key. There should be someone who is readily available to help at the time you need that help. Ghanawifi is preaching that they will resolve any issues you may have in the shortest possible time once you are on their service offer.

What Can I Use The Subscribed Package For?

Unlimited Downloads: The monthly subscription is unlimited and this means you can download whatever you want without the fear of exhausting your subscribed bundle.

Internet TV: Enjoy all your favourite online TV show on Netflix, HBO and the rest with the Ghanawifi monthly unlimited subscription.

Online Gaming: Don’t be held back by data coated internet. Stay connected with your fellow online gaming competition until you win.

Software Updates: Get an update to do? Worry not, you can Keep all software up to date and stable using the GhanaWifi unlimited internet

Video calls: You can video call your family back home once you are on a business to trip. The subscribe home plan service will help you stay connected to the family and friends via video calls.

Can I opt for the service from anywhere within Accra?

Unfortunately, No. Information we gathered shows that service is currently available at two areas within Accra. Thus East Legon and Spintex.

However, as with most Internet Services, it will be prudent to call them to find out if your area is supported.

They are however putting in plans to extend the service to cover other areas within the capital and Ghana at large.

How can I contact GhanaWifi?

You can contact their support desk on 0201065813 or [email protected]. locate their office at Plot 231, Bissau Avenue, East Legon Accra, Ghana.

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