Why Ghanaian Businesses Should Embrace SEO In 2019

The internet is fast growing and businesses are now shifting their operation from the brick and mortar operation to the click operation.

Businesses are now comfortable operating online as compared to the traditional way of operation.

With the invention of the internet, lots of businesses now do their operation through the internet without having physical premises of operation.

If your business is not yet online then you are missing a lot because today everything is virtually done on the internet but if you already have your business online and you are not given SEO attention then is time to do so.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The strategy that helps your website or online page to gain visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Pinterest, Yandex and other search engine platform. This is a powerful strategy for the success of any business in the world of the Internet.

SEO is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your business and bring new customers to your brand. It brings free visitors to your page and also helps gain new exposure to your brand. There are two different way of driving traffic to n online business.

Thus, Organic traffic and paid advertisement.

Organic traffic comes from a free search engine sites like Google, whiles paid advertisement has a cost to bear. If you have money to spend then you can ignore the free organic traffic, but if you are someone who likes to minimize the cost of operation and maximize profit for your business, then you should give much attention to the organic traffic.

The organic traffic comes from how well you do your SEO settings for your online website or store.

Local businesses in Ghana are advised to take SEO settings serious because it can have a negative and positive effect on your online operation. Come to think of it, you may have the best service/offer for your product, but if you cannot get eyes on them then it will be of no use. People have to come to your website to see the amazing products or services you offer.

Today when people want information about a product or service, they go to the internet and search. People use search engines like Google or Bing for their search. Once they type the keyword they are looking for, and will they get bunches of results to choose from.

This information is being displayed for the user from different sites. The site that appears first, most of the time has the best SEO practice in place and the search engine bot has to recognize that information as the valuable one.

As a business, practising the best SEO campaign on your site can have many advantages to the business. Increase in return on investment, Business exposure, lead and sales are key reasons why businesses should embrace SEO.

A well-done on-page and off-page SEO can bring about tonnes of traffic to your business and the more people visit your site the higher their chances of buying whatever products you sell or offer on the site.

Big brands like Apple and Dell or HP have already established their online presence and when a user is looking for information concerning their product that user already knows where to go.

But small businesses will have to rely on their SEO strategies in other to gain exposure and also gain new customers for their service. A well SEO practice can give such business the exposure they needed.

The goal of every business is to have a lead and make sales. Business these days turn to rely much on paid ads for their lead generation but forgotten that they can get the best of lead from free organic traffic.

They spend thousands of dollars just to make some few leads. When a business practices the best SEO on its site, it does not need to go for paid ads before it gets sales. The sales will come from the search.

Business credibility is very important in today’s corporate world. If a business is able to build credibility in the eyes of customers or visitors, that business for sure will be able to maximize its ROI within some possible short period. Credibility can be build using SEO. For instance, people turn to believe that, the first five sites to show on a search engine when a certain Search Term is typed is the most credible one.

The search engine bots give priority to those pages with the best SEO structure in place. So if you are able to put in place the best strategy, you will be rank high in the search and the visitors will begin to trust your site and eventually become your returning customers whenever they need information on a product or a service.


As a new business or a local business in Ghana, practising SEO on a site can sometimes take time and but if you are able to follow the best practice you can reap the benefit within some short period and continue to benefit in the near feature.

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