Ghanaian Developers: Get 30 days Free Virtual Private Server (VPS) On Cloudflex Infrastructure

Cloudflex Computing Services Limited is Nigeria’s leading Enterprise local cloud service provider. We are the first choice of Cloud Solutions and managed data services for local and Global businesses with great ambitions.

However, Our Company is based on the principle of developing and delivering top of the line Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions to meet the need of our existing and prospective clients. On this note, we would like developers from Ghana to leverage on this 30 days free Virtual Private Server (VPS) on our Infrastructure.

What is Cloud Computing?

  • The cloud is a term used to represent the internet where these resources are measured and provision, which is also scalable.
  • A type of computing that relies on sharing a pool of physical and/or virtual resources over the internet without necessarily having your devices on-prem.

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a step up from a shared hosting service
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) is hosting that virtually mimics dedicated server environments within a shared server

Why Cloudflex Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Flexible Resource Allocation

Cloudflex VPS hosting offers dedicated resources for your websites and applications; specifically, the amount of RAM, CPU, and disk space you specify are assigned to your VPS. If, however, your websites or applications experience a surge in traffic and require more significant resources than you have selected, you may be able to borrow resources from another VPS temporarily.

The flexibility permitted by the Cloudflex VPS is one of its most valuable benefits. VPS hosting often makes use of a hypervisor, which is software that facilitates this sharing of resources. If your site needs more resources to accommodate a large number of visitors and another website on a separate VPS is not using all of its resources, your site can borrow the extra power.

Root Access to Customize and Configure the VPS

Cloudflex VPS hosting also gives you root access to configure and make changes to your hosting environment. Root access is not guaranteed with other arrangements, such as a shared hosting plan. If you are particularly tech-savvy or foresee hiring web developers in the future, the root access will allow you to configure your VPS accordingly.


Cloudflex Infrastructure is scalable; therefore, our VPS hosting offers scalability so that available resources can grow with you as you need them. This means that if you start on a shared server, you would then need to invest time in migration to a VPS when required. However, if you start with a VPS, you can migrate slowly without breaking the bank on a dedicated server, which you may not need for quite some time.

An Affordable Option

On Cloudflex infrastructure, our VPS hosting is much more affordable for developers than purchasing a dedicated server. It can reliably host your website or application, handle surges in traffic, and grow to accommodate your needs over time.

Rather than committing to a dedicated server and spending nearly twice as much (or sometimes more) than a VPS hosting solution, take your time to evaluate your options. VPS hosting offers you a way to get in the game without a prohibitively high cost of entry. 

The worst thing that could happen if you end up needing a dedicated server in the future is that you would need to spend some time and money migrating to that upgraded resource. However, you would still have saved money in the beginning with a VPS server and learned which features are appropriate for your application(s) or website(s).

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