Ghanaian Online Habits – 5 Things Ghanaians Do Online

Ghanaian Online Habits have not been well documented like it has been done in other places around the world.

In fact, in Ghana, there seems to be very little or no research into what we do online. One of the many ways to measure what people do online is to look at the websites they visit.

Alexa provides this data by ranking websites based on the amount of traffic they get. Website traffic simply refers to the amount of Internet data that is sent or received on a website or different websites by the website’s visitors. Web traffic is the highest form of Internet Traffic globally.

Let’s look at what people in Ghana do on the internet based solely on web traffic.

Ghanaians love to be informed

ghana online news

The greater percentage of Ghanaians are reading news online. Most of these are local news websites mainly,,,, and BBC and The Daily Mail are also represented on the list.

The news websites on the list also have a high rank with the local ones collectively reaching an average rank of 16.6.

Search, Search, Search! Ghanaians are always searching

Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Ask? Well, Ghanaians seem to understand how search engines work and are using it quite often. ranks highest in Ghana and this comes as a no surprise, especially with a lot of people on Google’s Android platform. A lot of video searches too on YouTube (YouTube is a search engine too, the second biggest in the World, actually) means Ghanaians are not left out on the video search scene.

It’s fair to assume most of these YouTube searches happen over office Wi-Fi and ethernet. Search Engines have a combined rank of 5. Impressive! Sadly, none of these search engines is Ghanaian.

Ghanaians love Social Media

Social Media Influence in Ghana is huge. Photo by Asempa FM

Ghanaians are in love with Social Media; but you already knew that, didn’t you? Facebook ranks at number 6, Instagram at 25 and Twitter at 45.

What’s surprising about social media is the rank of LinkedIn – at 15. A lot of people in Ghana seem to be taking the professional social networking site pretty serious nowadays. However, think about this – LinkedIn is an employment-oriented social networking service.

It could just be we are all on LinkedIn to search for jobs, considering the unemployment rate in the country.

Ghanaians are picking up on doing business online.

online business

AliExpress, Alibaba, Amazon and Jumia? These are all shopping sites and they have a combined rank of 33. Tonaton and OLX are also on the list of websites frequented by Ghanaians.

You should read the comparison we did: Tonaton or OLX? Also on the business scene are a lot of Ad websites. Well, bloggers are at it again, delivering ads and making some money. Online shopping, online classifieds and online ads, Ghanaians certainly are doing some business online.

Ghanaians are into sports; they prove it by betting.

Goal, Livescore and Flash Score? Sports are a big thing in Ghana and it’s no surprise we have taken this online.

It’s a pity my favourite sports editorial site is not on this list but these sites are visited by the sporting community to satisfy their insatiable need to know whether Hazard is going to be transferred to Real Madrid or not.

Ghanaians have also taken to betting and this is quite good – proving you love the game by putting your money into it.

Here is a graph showing categories of websites in the top 50

50 most visited websites in Ghana April 2017
50 most visited websites in Ghana April 2017

Find below the list of the top 50 Websites visited in Ghana

  1. – Search Engine
  2. – Search Engine
  3. – Search Engine
  4. – News
  5. – Search Engine / News
  6. – Social Media
  7. – News
  8. – Educational Resource
  9. – Ads
  10. – News
  11. – News
  12. – Entertainment
  13. – News / Mailing
  14. – Search Engine
  15. – Social Media
  16. – Classifieds
  17. – Business
  18. – Educational Resource
  19. ***********.biz – Adult Content
  20. – Peer to Peer / File Sharing
  21. – Shopping
  22. – Sports
  23. – Blogging
  24. – Sports
  25. – Social Media
  26. – Educational Resource
  27. – Betting
  28. – News / Mailing
  29. – Internet Portal
  30. – Ads
  31. – News
  32. – Shopping
  33. – Video Downloads
  34. – Classifieds
  35. – Sports
  36. – News
  37. – Shopping
  38. – News
  39. – News / Mailing
  40. *******.com – Adult Content
  41. – Blogging
  42. – Ads
  43. – Shopping
  44. – Software
  45. – Social Media
  46. – Sports
  47. – Betting
  48. – Software
  49. – News
  50. – Productivity

These website ranks are ordered by their 1 month Alexa traffic rank. What do you find surprising about the ranking?

Are any of your favourite websites on the list?

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