Ghana’s New Telco Legislation to Empower Local Companies – Ursula Owusu-Ekuful Announces

Government Initiatives to Boost Local Telcom Industry

Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, the Minister of Communications and Digitalisation, recently disclosed ongoing efforts to pass local content legislation specifically aimed at the telecommunications sector in Ghana. This move is set to mandate certain telecom managed services to be exclusively handled by Ghanaian firms.

During the launch of Dynamic Data Solutions LTD in Accra, the minister emphasized that the legislation aims to enhance the nation’s governance over its digital resources while reducing dependence on expensive foreign expertise. “We are committed to fortifying our ability to independently manage our digital infrastructure, applications, and services,” Owusu-Ekuful stated.

Encouraging Local Participation and Reducing Foreign Dependency

The minister highlighted the presence of capable local companies that can replace foreign contractors, who often repatriate substantial profits. “It’s imperative to build our capacity with local resources to manage our own digital needs without an unhealthy reliance on costly international consultants,” she explained.

Owusu-Ekuful criticized the existing system that favors foreign companies and called for a prioritization of national and collective development over individual gains. “The protests from beneficiaries of the current arrangement are expected, but our focus should be on the broader benefits to our country,” she added.

Support for Indigenous IT Firms

The focus on local empowerment extends beyond legislation. The minister urged support for indigenous IT companies, stressing that national progress relies significantly on the growth of local enterprises alongside foreign investments.

“We need a shift in mindset towards appreciating and valuing what we create here in Ghana. Supporting local businesses is crucial for nurturing their development and building confidence in Ghanaian capabilities,” Owusu-Ekuful remarked. She called for the revival of the ‘Buy Made-in-Ghana’ campaign, encouraging citizens to prefer local products to foster demand, drive innovation, and strengthen the economy.


This legislative initiative represents a significant step towards self-sufficiency in managing Ghana’s digital landscape and supporting local businesses, aligning with broader economic empowerment and sustainability goals.

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