5 Best Google Chrome Extensions That Massively Increase Productivity

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers today and has always proven to be the most relevant browser among the rest.

Chrome is own by the internet giant (Google) and for that matter, it has more advanced features which cannot be found in the other browsers. One feature of this browser is the web store. The chrome web store has over millions of extension you can install on your chrome browser.

These extensions add some functionality to the browser which can help to increase productivity. The goal of this post is to list the five best chrome extensions one can use to increase productivity.

Below are the five best extensions with the function they perform when installing on the browser.

Google Docs and Google Voice

A Google doc is a virtual word processor that you can use to type your entire project and virtually saved so you can access them anywhere anytime at any place. Just like the Microsoft word processor, Google docs have the same features with the normal Microsoft with even more advanced features which cannot be found in the normal word processor.

When operating a virtual team, you can use Google docs to edit documents to come out with your final work without you being at the same place.

What makes Google Docs my number one best chrome extension is the fact that I can easily type all my docs without having to touch the keyboard. The extension comes with the Google voice function that allows one to speak while the extension type.

T hus, you only use your microphone and begin to speak then you get your work to be automatically typed. Isn’t that wonderful?

If you can get your work type by the extension whiles you speak then this will help increase your production to a larger margin especially if you always write memos and letters in your daily business dealings. You can go and check the extension here for more details.


Grammar, punctuation and spellings are the first things people look for whenever they come in contact with a document.

Most people take their time to go through your article or content looking for grammatical errors and other spelling mistakes.

As a business owner, you always write proposals and these proposals are going to be read by top business partners and you will not want your proposal to be rejected because of your grammar or punctuations.

The Grammarly Chrome extension is here to solve these entire problems for you. The extension is developed mainly for correcting grammar, spelling and suggested punctuations. When you install the extension, it auto checks all your document content to see whether there’re errors to be corrected.

When it detects an error in your sentence, it gives you the suggested words and also suggests to the correct tenses and wording you should use. Grammarly is used by almost every internet marketer, blogger and every writer on the internet. Check the Grammarly extension here for more details.


Another great extension we can’t afford to miss mentioning is loom. As a video creator, I used this extension almost always. The loom extension helps Capture, narrate and instantly share videos to communicate faster, clearer and friendlier.

With one click of a mouse, you can record and automatically share the URL to any of the platforms you want. A study shows that video increases information retention than text and because of that, most businesses today prefer to communicate to their customers or fellow workers using videos.

This makes loom extension an efficient way to share information to everyone and we believe the extension can help increase your productivity. The extension is very flexible in use with Full Desktop Recording, Front Facing Camera, or Tab Only recordings.


This extension helps you in time management by monitoring the amount of time one has spent on certain sites and gives you the option to block them. A popular platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit are most of the sites that people spend much time on.

With the StayFocused extension, you can set the time limit each employee is supposed to spend on these sites. You can choose to set a limit for the entire platform and once the time reaches employee will be blocked from accessing those sites.

If you really want to increase productivity then is time to get serious about managing your time by using the StayFocusd Chrome extension.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Chrome extension help displays a preview of your calendar in your chrome browser. The extension shows events from whatever calendars you are logged in within Chrome.

It puts a small Calendar icon in the upper right of your browser window. You can set all your events and upcoming tasks for easy assessment. When you click on the icon you will see upcoming from Google Calendar, without ever leaving your page.

Access any map locations or attached documents with just one click of a button. You can customize the calendar’s appearance to suit your likings. When you install this extension, you at least less assure you won’t miss any important meeting or event from your calendar.

Wrapping up

Chrome extensions are what make the chrome browser the best and most powerful browser in the world. Today many prefer to use chrome browser because it helps in handling many of their business activities since it comes with advanced features that cannot be found in the other browser.

Like any other technologies, chrome browser has its shortcomings too. When you over install the extensions, they turn to slow down the browser which sometimes makes it annoying and time-consuming.

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