Google Pixel 7 Pro: Stand Out from the Crowd with the Latest Pixel Model

The Google Pixel 7 Pro (128GB model) shows how mobile phones continue to grow and excel to new heights. This model is more affordable than most other phones from major companies without compromising on quality. The phone maintains all the great features of other Pixel models without a huge increase in price. 

Why do we lean towards suggesting the 128GB model? Do you really need that much data? Maybe not. But since this is a phone that offers all the great things that the more expensive phones do, why not go the whole distance, and never have to worry about running out of data? 

Going big on a Google Pixel will cost a similar amount to the low and the middle level of spend on an Apple product. So, why not treat yourself to some roaming security? 

Why Choose Google Pixel 7 Pro

Getting a Google Pixel 7 Pro is a great way to have fun playing amusing table games online. The deals you can get with this phone offer great value for money, especially when diving into mobile-friendly games like Mythic Wolf, Instant Infern, and Riches in the Rough. Running games smoothly and supporting advanced graphics, this phone continues Pixel’s trend of making very practical phones – with a monthly cost of £36 per month and a £9 monthly upfront fee. This phone is affordable and efficient, as compared to the others on the market. With a lifetime cost of £873 for a 24-month contract, you can break the mould without breaking the bank. 

This is only slightly more expensive than the Google Pixel Pro 7 on launch (£849) representing a rise in price that is less than the cost of inflation. Its 100GB data allowance means you don’t have to worry about running out of data, letting you stream and chat free of stress. Of course these are UK prices, but the rate is the same across the globe and is still comparatively cheaper than splashing out on an Apple product. This is a product that show that you don’t need an iPhone to have a hot new smartphone.

Reviewing Key Features

We are always crossing platforms. Even if you have an Apple phone or a Lenovo Laptop, when you want to find something out, you open up google. Why not keep all of it in the same family? One of the best things about this phone is the camera, which really makes it stand out from other smartphones. Its state-of-the-art extra rear camera (48 MP telephoto) is perfect for capturing all of life’s moments. 

This model has a larger screen and a bigger battery than previous Pixel phones, offering a great view for messaging and streaming and lasting much longer. The design of the camera returns from the previous model, with its large horizontal strip running along the back of the phone. But as the design of most phones becomes increasingly similar, this phone stands out with its aesthetically pleasing style. 

There are many phone options in 2023 for those who are looking for something that is not an iPhone. The phone has the ability to edit out unwanted objects that come into frame, meaning you can make you photos look exactly how you want them to. It also fixes a common problem that affects a lot of people when it comes to photos. People of colour have often phones when they take a photo on a smartphone the lighting it too dark and they cannot see themselves in the photo. This phone, it has the technology to pick up the different shades of light in a photo, resulting in a clearer picture of you and your loved ones. No longer do people need to be self-conscious about now appearing as they wish in photos. Now when someone sticks two fingers up behind your head to look like bunny ears, you can simply edit it out and remove their tiresome banter. 

So, why buy this model? 

To many the phone is still the best android phone on the market and cheaper than ever. Who doesn’t love getting great value for money? You’ll never be disconnected from this model and never have the fear that the cost of having a great phone is too much. It has an easy interface and great features make it easy to love and a wonderful model to excel at taking great photos. 

While Samsung and Apple have been the big hitters in the phone game for quite some time, Google has quietly been making their smartphones better and better at an amazing rate. Now they are doing so not so quietly and want everyone to know about their new product. 

If you have an iPhone, you are just one of many, with a Google Pixel 7 Pro, you stand out from the crowd with a phone that does great things and does not look the same as all the other phones on the market. This is the phone for anyone looking to step away from the Samsung and iPhone war and put their faith in a phone that offers something different. So be brave and break the mold with this Google Pixel Pro 7.

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