How To Hard Reset Your Infinix Phone

We all buy our favourite phones to use, as we use these phones for a long time, it tends to run slow.

Some are caused by the apps we install, some also tend to be because of the storage.

Some people tend to just buy a new phone when their phone starts to misbehave, especially those who mostly work using the phone and don’t want their works to slow down.

Not everybody can just throw away his old phone and go to the market and get him or herself a new phone.

Some decide to fix it, by deleting unwanted files and games, well, for some people the phone tend to be normal a little bit, but others too, they don’t see any changes.

I am one guy that is always fond of installing new apps and testing them, downloading techs videos and sharing to my friends on various social platforms, due to these my phone storage tends to be full always, also because of my work, I have many apps running at the background that always gives me latest Infos on whats happening in the tech world so that I can share it with my friends.

All these make phones slow and sometimes you feel like the phone is not capable of what you want it to do. To be honest, every phone has its capacity in terms of operating.

Let’s take the phone RAM as an example, some phones have 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM, 3GB RAM, 4GB RAM, 6GB and many more. We even have phones like Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Nubia Red Magic Mars, OnePlus McLaren Edition and many more that has 10GB of Ram in them.

The phones we have been using or the phones the average Ghanaians mostly buy are the phones with 2GB of RAM and also 4GB of Ram. (we mostly buy the phones with 2GB RAM because that is what we mostly can afford).

RAM is one function that determines the speed of a phone, so if you have a low RAM, you will see your phone starting to be slow.

Wondering how a phone Ram can be slow?
All the programs that are installed on the phone run on your phone RAM, so the more the apps installed, the more space it takes up your phone RAM.

Maybe you have used your phone for a long time and will want to reset your phone so that it will be brand new for you to start using it again

Or you have forgotten your phone password and there is no way you can remember your phone’s password.

In this article, I am going to take you through how to hard reset your Infinix phone

Before getting started with the steps, the hard reset also means factory reset and also when you hard reset your phone removes all personal data, customized settings and all installed apps (in all your phone becomes as new as you first bought it).

How To Hard Reset Your Infinix Phone

  1. Make sure your phone is off or if your phone is not off, then turn it off
  2. Now hold the power button and the volume up key for few moments
  3. When the phone powers on, remove the finger from the power button alone
  4. If the recovery mode appears, now you can remove your finger on the volume button
  5. now use the volume up and down to navigate through the recovery mode, move it to “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” press the Power Button once to select that option
  6. Now choose yes and once again press the power button to confirm
  7. If recovery mode appears after doing this, navigate to Reboot Now and then press the power button to confirm.


We sometimes get lockout from our phones, this is when we set a new password and we forgot and there is no way to recover, what you will have to do is to hard reset your phone, in this article, we went through how to do that.

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