HD+, Ghana’s premium TV service to increase prices next year while delivering the best experience

In Jan 2023, SES HD PLUS Ghana will increase the price of all HD+ subscription packages so they can continue to deliver world-class TV viewing experiences to their subscribers. In the past two years, the company has absorbed most of the cost for subscribers while offering great services.

The new prices became inevitable due to increasing inflation and the addition of new offerings such as the PVR function on the HD+ Decoder; the ability to watch TV on the go with free data every month; control to catch up on shows aired in the last 48 hours on the My HD PLUS mobile app; the first 4K channel in Ghana; the introduction of a multi-feed function to allow HD+ Subscribers to choose between two live video feeds on a single HD+ channel as well as a new sports channel, Scooore TV which will join the list of HD+ channels in January 2023.

With the new prices outlined in the table below, HD+ will continue to offer better service whiles offering the most affordable subscription packages when compared with other TV services on the market.

HD+ Subscription PackagesCurrent PricePrice from 10 Jan 2022
WeeklyGHS 7GHS 12
MonthlyGHS 25GHS 35
QuarterlyGHS 60GHS 85
AnnualGHS 201GHS 290

About HD+

HD+ is a satellite TV subscription service that delivers your favourite channels in 5 times clearer picture quality when compared with their Standard Definition (SD) TV versions on other free-to-air TV platforms. With HD+ you can enjoy about 20 channels in razor-sharp, brighter and more colourful TV picture quality for an immersive viewing experience.

The service can be accessed via an HD+ receiver, available at the nearest authorized HD+ dealer outlet or any Electroland showroom nationwide. Existing homes on the MultiTV platform do not require a new satellite dish as they are compatible with the HD+ service. All that is required is a an HD+ Device to enjoy the service. A one-time activation will unlock a free subscription period of 2 months.

Joining the HD+ family

You can join the HD+ family via three types of HD+ Devices:

  1. HD+ Decoder: This can be purchased from any Electroland showroom nationwide or authorized dealer store. There is always a corresponding HD+ logo on an HD+ Decoder so make sure you watch out on that when making a purchase.
  2. Samsung UHD/ QLED TV set (models released from 2020 to date) which has the My HD PLUS Operator app downloaded on it from the Samsung app store.
  3. NASCO TVs set with HD+ Module inserted in the TV’s CI+ CAM interface slot

Why is HD+ the best TV service in Ghana?

Enjoy world class TV viewing on your favourite channels and some exclusive channels which can be found only on HD+: Adom TV HD, Joy Prime HD, GTV HD, UTV HD, Joy News HD, GhOne HD, Metro TV HD, TVXYZ HD, Citi TV HD, OneHD, Aljazeera HD, ETV HD, BID TV HD, KOOL HD, GTV Sports+ HD, GNTV Junior HD, 4Syte TV HD and recently AfroSini HD.

HD+ offers a 1 week, 1 month subscription, 3 months subscription and 12 months subscription, at the most affordable prices so every Ghanaian can be able to afford quality HD viewing in their homes. A one-time activation via their USSD short code is required to unlock a free trial period of 2 months on all newly activated HD+ Devices.

In addition to the HD channels, you also have access to over 100 standard definition free-to-air channels even when your subscription has expired

More than 60% of Ghanaian households are already on the MultiTV satellite dish. When you join the HD+ family, you do not require a new satellite dish as they are compatible with the HD+ service. All that is required is a new HD+ Decoder or compatible HD+ Device to enjoy “The FeeliFeeli Experience”.

Personally, I have enjoyed using the My HD PLUS mobile app to watch shows on my phone while also using the recording function on the HD+ Decoder to record morning shows and watch later in the evening.

How to properly set up an HD+ Decoder

We recommend that you contact an authorized installer to assist you with the installation of your HD+ Decoder.

  1. You will need an HD TV set to enjoy The FeeliFeeli Experience.
  2. Ensure the dish is properly aligned to the MultiTV platform satellite position on Astra-2F at 28.2° East. The dish must be at least 60cm.
  3. Check that the F-Connectors at the end of the cable are properly fixed and protected with a high-quality insulation tape. The cable must not be longer than 100 ft or 30m.
  4. Check that the signal strength and quality are at the highest level possible (ideally, over 80%). This should be done using a signal meter (satellite finder).
  5. Finally, check that the satellite cable is connected to the back of the HD+ Decoder and connected using an HDMI cable to your HD TV set.
  6. Now turn on the HD+ Decoder and watch the progress on the TV screen. The HD+ Decoder will make an automatic scan of all available channels and build the HD+ Channel List.
  7. As part of the scan, the HD+ Decoder will also check for software updates. It is recommended to always maintain the newest software on the STB.
  8. This installation process can take up to 10 minutes and needs no action unless prompted by messages on the screen


HD+ is the gateway for a high-quality TV experience in Ghana. If you want a high-definition view on your TV, then it’s worth joining the HD+ family. The good thing is, you enjoy the best affordable monthly subscription with amazing TV channels compared to other digiboxes.

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