Here is how the Best Watch Repair Company in Ghana operates

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Because automatic and mechanical watches these days are enthusiast interests, and top swiss brands generally want to handle their own repairs, the independent watch repair shop is increasingly a rarity Globally.

In Ghana getting an expert watchmaker or a well-versed watch company to work your luxury timepiece is nearly impossible.

That’s why, to find all of the best, we asked some watch fanatics to tell us who to go to and they picked the most compelling company. Hourhand Watch Co, The highly trained, experienced, and friendly company with expert watchmakers is the best in Ghana — and if you’re not within a short drive, they are happy to receive your watch and shoot it back your way when it’s fixed.

At Hourhand Watch Co. their master craftsmen have several years of experience and use classic techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to bringing timepieces back to their former glory. They can undertake all watch repairs restoring your watch to its former glory.

From professional battery replacements to mechanical movement overhauls, they have all of your watch repair needs covered!

You can be sure your watch is in safe hands.

HourHand Watch Co Services & Perks

Watch Service

When servicing your watch at Hourhand Watch Co. They fully strip the movement and every individual part is inspected for wear. The movement is then ultrasonically cleaned. If any parts are required, original factory parts will be fitted. The movement is then assembled and oiled as required. When completed the watch is timed in six positions and kept on test for 48 hrs. Your watch movement is then fitted to the ultrasonically cleaned case and bracelet.


They provide an excellent watch refurbishment service and use state-of-the-art polishing and lapping equipment. Watches are brought back as close to a factory finish as possible.

Battery & Reseal

All our batteries are Swiss-made and are guaranteed for 1 year. They also replace and reseal glass and back gaskets and pressure test your watch ensuring your watch is water-tight.

Strap & Bracelet Replacement

The watch straps and bracelets are available in various materials (e.g. leather, stainless steel, synthetic etc.)


All internal repair work is guaranteed for 1 year. Any damage to the watch resulting from normal or extreme use is not covered under the warranty. Items not covered by the warranty include the crystal, band, stem, and crown, or any damage from normal, extreme, or inappropriate use.

Hourhand Watch Co. Reviews

Their website is impressive and full of information, and this company has worked on timepieces from around the world. Their master watchmaker, Nana Amofah Bosompem Katakyie, looked over my Grandfather’s Hamilton pocket watch (handed down to my father and to me) from the 1930s and was very impressed. Luckily, I had kept the watch covered so it wasn’t exposed and was in fairly good condition. He got it back to me exactly when he said he would and had it running perfectly. We talked about the watch and he gave me a lot of information about the piece. I have an OMEGA, given to me by my other grandfather, that I will also be bringing to Hourhand Watch Co.
— Wissam Al Monthiry (MD, Tullow Ghana)

They have probably the best-equipped shop in the country and do modern, vintage and antique watch repairs and restorations.
— David Hollis (USA Embassy)

Hourhand Watch Co. is known for General watch repairs. When I called them, I felt very comfortable and confident with my repair, even though they couldn’t price it without seeing it. I sent it to them by dispatch and within a couple of days, they had a quote for me that was very reasonable. A week later, and the repairs were complete. Nana Amofah the General Manager was incredibly polite and said I could pick it up (two hours away) or he could deliver it, or, better yet, that he was going to be around my neck of woods and could meet me at Starbucks. Very easy transaction. I had a follow-up servicing done on both my watches. I have a lot of confidence in them.
— Cwesi Oteng (Musician)

I had an issue with the winder of my mechanical watch I gave it to a local repairer and he messed up the watch but when I brought it to Hourhand Company, they fixed it for me and now my watch is working perfectly. Kudos guys, you have a customer.
— Kwaku Sonny (Poet)

A second-generation shop where the employees truly love watches, treat all customers with respect, and offer fair and reasonable prices. I often send people there to have links taken out, and they never charge them.
— Priscilla Obeng (Snr. Project Manager)

Contact: 0556547064
Social media: @hourhandwatches

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