Hermès Men’s Watches: Exuding Class and Elegance

If you tend to make the rounds of the right social circles, you may have heard about Hermès men’s watches before. But there doesn’t seem to be much noise about them otherwise. A visit to the Hermès’ website will also show you just a few models. Ah, but these models look very nice even if they’re not “publicity-hungry.” They don’t need much marketing for people to like them, after all.

It is time to find out just why rich folks tend to favor Hermès men’s watches. They exude quality and elegance without trying too hard. So, if you want to know more about these exquisite timepieces, then keep on reading!

The Attributes of Hermès Men’s Watches

A Hermes watch is “understated”. That means that the men’s watches don’t have to knock you senseless with their masculinity. Yes, they are made to fit the wrists of male customers, but they are still elegant in their own way.

One common attribute that a Hermès men’s watch has is classic lines. These can also be described as minimalistic. Why so? Because a man’s watch isn’t the whole wardrobe in itself. It is supposed to be an accessory. It’s like a story where the protagonist is the star of the show – his sword and shield are not. So when a man puts on an Hermès men’s watch, it should make him look better in the eyes of others.

Another common attribute is the use of leather straps. Have you ever noticed that men’s watches often have leather straps? One reason for that could be that leather straps tend to age well with the proper care. You don’t buy a watch and then throw it away one year later. In the same way, you want the parts of your Hermès men’s watch to age gracefully like you. Hence, the use of leather straps. Leather straps can be from different sources like calfskin and alligator, among others.

Additional Hermès Watch Attributes

Men may also like Hermès’ watches that have a long power reserve. Why so? Because the last thing a man wants is to worry that his watch will suddenly stop in mid-service constantly. So the more tech-minded men may want to ask about the power reserves of their preferred Hermès men’s watches before purchase. This is something that watchmakers already know so don’t be surprised to find that some popular Hermès watches have a relatively long power reserve.

Many men also seem to like chronographs a lot. So it’s not surprising that even Hermès luxury watches may eventually evolve into chronographs as well. A good example of this is the Arceau Chronograph watch. It may be rather large for an Hermès men’s watch, but that’s because it’s a chronograph. But despite being a chronograph, this watch model shouldn’t be immersed in water because of its leather straps.

The last observable attribute of genuine Hermès men’s watches is that they are really pricey. An Hermès men’s watch can cost between 5,000 USD to over 7,000 USD. This means they are definitely luxury watches, in the true sense of the word.

The Pricing of Different Hermès Men’s Watch Collections

Now that you know that Hermès men’s watches tend to be expensive, here are some of the more well-known Hermès men’s watch models for you to read about:

Hermès Faubourg – This particular model is priced at almost 20,000 USD. This could be because it is made with rose gold and features diamonds.

Hermès Cape Cod – This men’s watch model can be sold for up to more than 16,000 USD retail. It has parts made of yellow gold and diamonds.

Hermès Heure H – From this collection, you can expect to pay up to 16,500 USD retail since it has gem-set features and an alligator strap.

Hermès Arceau Soleil – A men’s watch from this collection can cost up to 10,100 USD.

Are Hermès Watches Comparable to Other Luxury Watch Brands?

The truth is, Hermès started out as a leather goods brand, making quality harnesses and saddles for horses. Over the years, it has developed its luxury watch brand until it became its own manufacturer of such watches. That takes confidence, knowledge, wisdom, and yes, a bit of luck as well. You don’t “accidentally” make men’s watches and charge a high retail price for them overnight.

But, as with food, the proof of the pudding is with the eating. You won’t be able to know if Hermès men’s watches are any good for sure – until you buy your own and use them over time. That way, you don’t lose out on the experience. And experience is always the best teacher in anything.


If you really want to experience buying a Hermès men’s watch, you can always visit the Hermès website to look. Some people may want to own their own watch, while others want to purchase one for a friend or loved one. That’s fine – don’t forget to ask for their opinion about the gift some time afterward. That way, you get a firsthand opinion from someone who is benefitting from their Hermès men’s watch over time.

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