How To Hide Your Phone Number When Making Calls On MTN

This method does not seem to work anymore.

MTN has a lot to offer its customers, talking of various low priced data bundles that do not expire and also low calling rates, one of them which is “MTN free after one”, allows you to make a call and only pay for the first minute — then the rest of the call will be free and aside from that MTN will dash you free 50MB to be used within that day.

This makes MTN my favourite as they have the perfect bundles and call rate for each and everyone whether rich or poor.

Have you ever received a call that when you check to find out who is calling you all that you can see is an unknown number?

How do you feel receiving such a call? And when you pick the call to find out who that person is, how do you feel afterwards?

I remember the first time I received such call, it was a friend of mine who called me and this guy was bragging on not being in this country and is using his new country number to call me that is why it is showing unknown number.

Well at the beginning I believed him until I found out he has not travelled anywhere and is actually in this country and even in my city.

I don’t know about you maybe you have received such call you have been wondering if it is possible to call someone and hide your number, the answer to your question is yes, you can do that on MTN.

If you also want to make a call and then hide your number to prank your friends and loved ones then this article is for you as in this article I am going to guide you on how to make a call and hide your number using MTN,

So without wasting much time lets get started.

How To Hide Your Phone Number When Making Calls On MTN

Now it is easy to hide and unhide your number when making calls, this service from MTN allows you to call someone with a service called MTN CLIR/SO. This offer costs GHS2 every month.

To activate the Caller Hide ID on your MTN line, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial 1333
  2. Set a new pin code
  3. Confirm the pin code
  4. Create a new SMS and type clir<Space>activate<space>pin
  5. Send the to 1333
  6. The Caller Hide feature will be activated

So After Activating How Do You Hide Your Number Before Making A Call?

To hide your number dial *67 before a number to call to hide your number. Eg: *67024419419

MTN regularly updates the processes for a lot of their services. Be sure to check out a list of their most recent shortcodes if the above does not work for you, or call customer care on 100.


MTN has made it easy to call someone and hide your number, there are a lot of reasons you would want to do that, maybe to tell somebody something and you don’t want that person to know your number also to prank your friends as stated earlier and many more.

In this article, we went through how to hide and unhide your number when making calls using MTN.

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