Hisense Fridges in Ghana: Models, Prices, Specifications and More

In our day-to-day activities, we all make use of electronic products. From the mobile phones we use, the televisions we watch, the radios we listen to, the fans and air conditioners, and even the fridges we use at our homes, these are all electronic devices that make life easier.

Because electronic devices are important, choosing the right brand for yourself is very necessary. This is because the electronic device you buy is supposed to come and make your life easier and not the other way round, therefore buying an inferior product will only make your life worse.

Among these electronic devices, one of the most important devices is fridges and freezers. Fridges and freezers are what keep your food and foodstuff fresh for you so that whenever you need it you will be able to get use it while it’s still fresh, providing there is electricity.

Although fridges and freezers are very important, they are also considered as one of the electronic devices that consumes more electricity. Because of that, when buying fridges and freezers most people lookout for the ones that are energy efficient.

Well, that shouldn’t be your problem again when you go to the market because when it comes to quality, affordable, and energy-efficient fridges in Ghana, Hisense is one of the most reliable brands. So, in this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Hisense fridges in Ghana in terms of the available models, prices, specifications, etc.

Models of Hisense Fridges in Ghana and Their Specifications

Hisense Ghana is a subsidiary of the global Hisense brand, therefore there are several models of fridges they have in stock. This vast category of fridges is there to make it easy for every Ghanaian no matter your budget or needs to be able to find the right fridge. Below are the various models of Hisense fridges in Ghana.

Hisense Cross Door Inverter Side-by-Side and Lower Drawer Refrigerator 536L

This model of Hisense fridge is an energy-efficient fridge that has multi-airflow, a fashionable handle design, a water dispenser, LED, folded cook rack, alarm, and some other amazing features. Below are the specs of the Hisense Cross Door Inverter Side-by-Side and Lower Drawer Refrigerator 536L.

Total Net Capacity536 litres
Net Fridge Capacity417 litres
Net Freezer Capacity119 litres
Net Dimensions (W I D I H mm)914 x 850 x 1776
Loading Capacity (40H.C.)36

Hisense 264L Refrigerator

The Hisense 264L refrigerator is an environmentally friendly fridge that also saves energy. Some of the amazing features include mechanical temperature control technology, reversible door, big freezer capacity, low noise, broad climate design, and adjusted fridge legs. Below are the specs of this model of Hisense fridge.

Total Net Capacity264 litres
Net Fridge Capacity198 litres
Net Freezer Capacity66 litres
Net Dimensions (W I D I H mm)554 x 558 x 1800
Loading Capacity (40H.C.)105

Hisense Freezer 170L Electronic Control With Adjustable Thermostat Upright Freezer

This model of Hisense fridge is affordable and comes with amazing features like electronic control adjustable thermostat, super freeze, alarm, broad climate design, low noise, adjustable leg, four-star freezer design, etc. Below are the specs.

Total Net Capacity170 litres
Net Freezer Capacity170 litres
Net Dimensions (W I D I H mm)554 x 551 x 1440
Loading Capacity (40H.C.)136

Hisense 660L Deep Freezer (Silver)

The Hisense 660L deep freezer is an energy-efficient deep freezer that comes with several amazing features making it ideal for the average Ghanaian consumer. Below are the detailed features of the Hisense 660L deep freezer.

  • Energy efficient
  • Fast freeze
  • Mechanical temperature control with adjustable
  • Thermostat
  • Water disposal device
  • Cut off power function
  • Over-temperature alarm function
  • Power indicator function
  • Lock and Key
  • R600a gas
  • Grip handle and double door lid

Hisense 328L Display Fridge – Single Door White

This type of Hisense fridge gives you the chance to clearly see everything that is in the fridge and hence its name display fridge. The detailed features are as follows.

  • Energy efficient
  • 5 adjustable shelves
  • Forced air-ventilation for anti-condensation
  • Defrost water self-evaporating
  • Recessed handle
  • Lock and key
  • R600a gas

Prices of Hisense Fridges in Ghana

Model of FridgePrice
249L Double Door with DispenserGHS 1550
215L Double door fridgeGHS 950
50L Single Door FridgeGHS 950
130L Table Top FridgeGHS 550
150L Single DoorGHS 950
260L Chest FreezerGHS 1100
440L Cross Door FridgeGHS 3500
150L Table Top FridgeGHS 890


When it comes to buying fridge in Ghana, there are some important things you look out for like the energy efficiency, the space you get, and more importantly the price. Almost all these requirements are met by the various models of Hisense Ghana fridges.

Another thing that makes Hisense fridges different from the rest is that it comes with 5 years warranty and after-sales service. This means that once you buy a product from Hisense, during the first five years any issue you encounter with the device can be sent to any of their showrooms or where you bought it exactly.

How much is Hisense fridge in Ghana?

The average price range for Hisense fridges in Ghana is from GHS 500 – GHS 8,000. The price of the fridge depends on some factors like the features, the space, and its energy efficiency.

Is Hisense a good brand fridge?

Yes. Hisense has several fridges all of which meet the standard by the Ghanaian market making it a good brand to buy from. Also, all their fridges come with 5 years warranty and aftersales services.

Which country is Hisense from?

Hisense originates from Qingdao in the Shandong Province in China, but its products are manufactured in different countries around the world.

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