Latest Hisense Phones in Ghana; Specs and Prices

Hisense phones, released by Hisense are a lot of very good android smartphones this year. Find the list of all released phones below.

Visit a Hisense Showroom to get Dust proof, Water proof and Shock proof smart Hisense phones whilst stocks last. With unbelievable features and specs, and limited stock, hurry to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, you can request for your Hisense phones on

Hisense phones range from the King Kong Model to more generic models like the J5
Hisense phones range from the King Kong Model to more generic models like the J5 in the photo above.

The Prices of a Hisense phone ranges from GHS 500 to somewhere around GHS 1600. This depends on the model of the phone. Most of their phones are however heavily resistant to shock and have an IP67 certificate.

These phones produced by Hisense also run on Android Versions 5.0 and above. They are great budget phones for the everyday person. They have very good designs that are easy to impress people.


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