Horse Racing Used to Be Very Popular in Ghana

There is not a lot of horse racing in Ghana today. Football, boxing and basketball are the popular sports in Ghana today – but did you know that horse racing actually used to be a super popular sport attracting huge crowds at the race course? If you’re interested in horse racing, you can read more here. 

Did you know that horse racing used to be a super popular sport in Ghana? This was a sport that could gather huge crowds – especially in Accra, where horse racing was particularly popular. Today, other sports have taken over the focus of the sports fans in Ghana. But in many other places all over the world, sports betting is still incredibly popular. In the US for example, horse racing is still a crowd magnet like the big race Preakness Stakes for example. 

If you’re interested in horse betting, there are lots of opportunities to watch it online – and even bet on it, if you think betting is a thrilling and entertaining activity. Then it’s easy to find Preakness Stakes odds. Preakness Stakes has a long history going back to 1873 and is the second race of the historic Triple Crown races. These races are some of the most exciting horse racing events in the world. 

The first course was built 150 years ago

The history of horse racing in Ghana is quite a long one. The first race course in Accra was built all the way back in the 1870s. In Tudu a race course was built in 1925. Back then it was mostly the elite that attended these races. It very quickly rose in popularity and gathered really big crowds to the race courts. Most of the attendees would dress up in their most fashionable outfits and mingle with others, not unlike many horse racing events today. 

Football, boxing and basketball has taken over

Now other sports have risen in popularity taking the place of horse racing. In Ghana today, it is very limited what you can experience of horse racing. The most popular sport in Ghana today is football followed by boxing and basketball. There are lots of opportunities to watch these sports and bet on them as well. If you want to give horse racing a revival, you will most likely need to go online or go on a trip abroad sometime. 

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