How and Where to Promote YouTube Videos

Growing your YouTube channel, therefore, requires you to compete with the many hours of video posted by millions of content producers, many of whom have considerably larger marketing budgets than you. The hard work doesn’t stop after you click “Publish.”

To attract the correct audience, increase your number of subscribers, and achieve true success on YouTube, you must go out and promote your videos and channel.Thankfully, there are still a ton of cost-effective options to advertise your YouTube videos and expand your audience. You may achieve YouTube popularity without spending money if you organize your videos, make a captivating trailer or teaser, and do a lot more.

Here are a few pointers we’ve gleaned from the YouTube community to get you going on promoting your videos and channel both inside and outside of YouTube.

Why it’s crucial to promote YouTube videos

There is a lot of activity online. Without promotion, it may be difficult to even get people to know you exist, much less interact with your material.You should aggressively promote each YouTube video you post because of the following reasons:

1. Reach a broad new audience

Did you realize that the second-largest search engine is YouTube? That’s correct; according to Forbes, YouTube receives 3 billion monthly searches, outpacing Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and altogether.

YouTube has evolved into a center where users can learn how to cook a new recipe or check up with their favorite YouTube celebrity, with videos ranging from topics like how to tie a tie to the most recent Taylor Swift music video. Because of this, YouTube offers up-and-coming producers a special chance to share their work with a wide audience and connect with them on a platform they frequent.

2. Be heard

What is the drawback of a huge audience? It’s increasingly difficult to stand apart. However, by actively advertising your films, you’ll increase the likelihood that they’ll be seen by your target audience, capture their interest, and expand your fan base.

You will also see YouTube’s algorithm starting to favor you when you promote your videos and they start to gather momentum in terms of user engagement.

In order for your target audience to find you, it may seem counter intuitive to promote your videos among the millions of others, but you must start somewhere.

First strategy:

Enhance and advertise your YouTube videos

It’s essential to ensure that each video is flawless before you begin to promote them. Naturally, this entails ensuring that the video itself is of a good standard and professionally made, but it’s also crucial to ensure that your films are search engine optimized.

Recognize the motivation behind your videos

Let’s take a little refresher course on how YouTube (the company) truly operates before we plunge into the deep dark abyss of YouTube search engine optimization (SEO). Advertising is an important source of revenue for YouTube.

YouTube earned a staggering $ 28.8 billion dollars in ad income from the United States alone in 2021. Because of this, YouTube’s algorithm is created to match users to the videos they will probably be interested in, encouraging them to watch them for an extended period of time.

Therefore, when making and disseminating your videos, as a creator, you must comprehend the “why” behind users’ searches, also referred to as search intent.

You can make videos that connect with your audience and perform well on YouTube by having a clear understanding of the “why.”

Create keyword-rich and descriptive titles for each video

In addition to helping visitors click on your video (also known as click-through rate), a catchy headline is crucial for optimizing your films to rank on YouTube.

One guidelines to keep in mind while coming up with names for your videos is to specify your intended keyword. Also, One of the most important parts of your video’s metadata, or the data used to specify what content is present in a piece of content, is the title.

It is easier for users and YouTube’s algorithm to understand your video’s topic if you use key words in the title.

You need to have an optimal video description in addition to a compelling video title. For your goal term, a well-written video description can improve your placement in YouTube’s search results. Like the title, the description of your films should contain necessary information about their content in order to improve their ranking.

The more information YouTube has about your work and the more viewers will be able to locate it, the longer and therefore more thorough your description is.

Use video tags to help YouTube understand your content the more

In the same way that the description aids in understanding by the YouTube algorithm, video tags do the same. When you upload a video, a Tags section will appear beneath it where you can enter a description. Consider tags as keyword substitutes.

Include the tags for your video that are the aptest.

Pick your hashtags carefully

This is an additional method for making it simpler for your target audience to find your content. It’s helpful for classifying your video material as well. However, it’s crucial to utilize no more than a few high-quality hashtags.

Make sure the hashtags you intend to use aren’t connected to spammy, poor-quality, irrelevant video material by doing some research on them.

Create a stunning unique thumbnail image

Creators on YouTube have the option to include a thumbnail picture with each video to provide viewers with more information about the content of the video. This is the picture that shows underneath the name of your channel and the title of your video.

Second Strategy:

Inline Techniques

You must ensure that you are advertising your channel as a whole in addition to each of your individual videos. Having your videos arranged and search-engine-optimized is one thing, but going above and beyond to optimize your channel can improve your YouTube profile in general.

Upload a compelling channel trailer. The use of channel trailers is a terrific approach to drawing in people and persuading them to subscribe. A channel trailer is an additional tool for informing viewers about your company, your identity, and the focus of your channel.

Make the most of your viewing time by making playlists and video series

The length of time a viewer spent watching a video is known as watch time. The key measure used by the YouTube algorithm to rank videos is watch time. By measuring watch time, YouTube can identify the kind of material users are interested in and display more of that content in their feeds.

Create playlists of relevant videos or come up with a video series focused on one subject (for example, must-have tools for musicians, then make one movie for each tool) to help viewers identify related videos and keep them viewing for longer.

Put end screens, cards, and reminders on your channel’s page for subscribers

Making end screens and cards is a fantastic additional strategy for maximizing the viewing length of your films. End screens, which are typically displayed in the final five to twenty seconds of a video, are thumbnails of related videos, whereas Cards allow you to overlay other videos or links during your video to promote other content.

Third strategy:

There are other places than YouTube where you may advertise your videos and channel. Sharing your films elsewhere is frequently the simplest approach to expanding your following on YouTube. But how do you get started?

Let us go over a few strategies for promoting your videos outside YouTube.

Promoting your YouTube channel on all platforms

Bringing your videos to where your audience is already gathered is the best method to connect with them. You may embed YouTube videos on your website, link to them in your email, share them on social media sites, and more since sharing them is so simple.

Another great way to share your content is to promote your videos in relevant online communities. Are you a member of a Facebook group or Slack community for your industry or specialty? Find the groups you can share your videos with to reach a wider audience.

Work along with other YouTubers and creators

A successful strategy for promoting your videos outside of YouTube and expanding your audience is to work with other producers. Working with another creator (or several) helps connect your audiences and broadens their perspective.

Additionally, working with other creators expands your professional network, raises your brand awareness among an audience you might not have previously been able to reach and increases the number of views on your content.

You may be surprised to learn that 84% of consumers say seeing a brand’s video persuaded them to buy a product or service. Your website’s bounce rate can be decreased, new audiences can be attracted, visitors can be directed to your YouTube channel, and you may potentially attract new clients by embedding videos on your page.


Promoting your YouTube videos has never been made easier. But with the right sources and proper planning, you can be on a good side.

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