How Esport Gambling Has Become So Big Around The World

With the closure of traditional brick and mortar casinos due to the Covid-19 pandemic online gambling has become more popular than ever. And esports gambling is leading the way, with so many travel restrictions and ‘lockdowns” in almost every country more and more people have spare time on their hands, they are turning to esport gaming and gambling. The esports world is now being taken very seriously and may even rival more traditional online games such as poker or slots provided by sites such as kasyno.

Almost all of us have heard of esports gaming, if you have children they probably spend hours playing online games each day if they are allowed. But now with such high stakes involved many adults are playing online sports and there is the potential to win big if you are good enough. As with any sport there of course is the potential for gambling, online gambling in the esports world in 2020 surpassed the $14 billion mark. Of course, online casinos make more enticing offers such as deposit incentives or bonus casino offers but they are now recognizing the value of esports betting.

How Did Esport Gambling Begin And Where is it Going?

Esports began with a few friends playing on a Lan connection between friends wanting to play each other late every night at the current games of the time. What they started has now become a massive global phenomenon worth billions of dollars, with professional leagues and tournaments being played daily. With the money pouring in for the online competitions and leagues from sponsors the prize money increased, where there is money and an opportunity so is gambling. Esports betting really got the attention when the legendary game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released with players and spectators betting on the outcome of matches.

After the initial success of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive an update was released and the world was introduced to “Skins”, this gave players the ability to change the appearance of their weapons. It may not sound a big deal but in the esports world it became an overnight sensation, players were trading the skins for big money. Since the early competitions of CS:GO many other games have been turned into big gambling opportunities for gamers and spectators across the globe.

Esports Are Rapidly Gaining in Popularity And Finance

As games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Defense of the Ancients 2 became more and more popular, so did the prize money for competitions and tournaments. This also created more opportunities for the gambling world, which is not surprising considering the money at stake. In 2020 alone sponsors including betting companies and developers put some serious money up to be won, here are the top 5 by prize pool:

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, $14.75 million prize pool and is expected to rise considerably when live stadium events return after Covid-19.
  2. Defense of the Ancients 2, $8.87 million in prize money in 2020 which is massively down from the previous year when players were battling it out for nearly $50 million, but again the lack of live events has affected the revenue stream.
  3. League of Legends, $8 million winnings, the most popular esports by viewership it is not known for giving huge checks to the winner, and the satisfaction of winning the cup and competition has become more important.
  4. Fortnite, $7.87 million prize pool which is significantly down on previous years due once again to the lack of live esports events. In 2019 the first prize cheque went to a 16-year-old and was for $3 million.
  5. Call of Duty, $6.27 million total prize money, popular it seems for a long time now Call of Duty boasts some of the most loyal fans and the annual prize for winning is about $250 thousand.

With so much money at stake, more and more people are taking these competitions and tournaments seriously. There are dozens each year for gamblers to bet not just on the outcome but also in-game betting similar to soccer or American Football.

Why Should You Place Bets on Esports?

Esport betting offers a unique experience to regular gambling, the games you gamble on are so much different from the traditional physical sports we are used to betting on. With esport gambling still in its relatively early years, bookmakers offer some fantastic odds and offers to new and existing clients to help promote esports betting. Some bookmakers will also allow you to place bets without even opening an account. 

Whilst many sports are fast-paced, not many can compete with the excitement of exports which is great for viewing and even better for gamblers. Games or matches can change in the blink of an eye, especially first-person shooter games or high-speed driving game races. This makes it quite hard to predict the results and is in part what draws the appeal of gambling on esports, you also don’t need to play these games yourself as many of the gamblers are not gamers.


Esports has become so popular in recent years, and with the onset of Covid-19 and the ensuing pandemic, many people have been looking for ways to pass the time during quarantine situations. The growth of esports has been a major boost for online gambling sites, which have seen a decline in gambling largely due to live events being postponed or even canceled. With great incentives offered by online bookmakers, and a constant number of competitions being played, which are available to watch live online at any time of the day or night, there is always something to bet on.

If you are unsure of the games being played you can always login or download a copy and get a better understanding of what you are gambling on. It’s also great fun to immerse yourself into the game and gain a better insight into what it’s all about. Who knows you could be the next big thing in the esports world of gaming.

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