How MTN Mobile Money Fraudsters get your name and number to steal from you

There has been a lot of mobile money scam activities that fraudsters use in extorting money from mobile money users.

It all started with the “sister niee oo” scam but it didn’t end there, fraudsters are every day advancing in stealing money from mobile money users.

These fraudsters will call you and the first thing they will do is to mention your name and some details about you in order to gain your full attention.

This will lead you to wonder how they got your number and are able to tell details about you without you even giving those details out to anybody.

Here Are How MTN Mobile Money Fraudsters Get Your Name And Number To Steal From You

Taking your numbers and names from merchants records book

Anytime you go to any mobile merchant either to send money or withdraw money, the merchant will have to write your number, amount and sometimes some even write down your name. Most fraudsters collect these books and use them for their scam activities.

What can you do to be safe?

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Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do as no merchant will want to do transactions without keeping the records. But the best thing you can do is to stop paying attention to such calls and SMS, report any fraud activities you will suspect to MTN mobile money customer care.

The guessing method

Most fraudsters guess the numbers and just send the messages or make the calls ,when they call you, they will first ask to see if you have registered your mobile money account and when you confirm, they will then continue with their tricks to steal your money.

What can you do?

Just don’t pay attention to any call you will receive asking you if you have registered your mobile money account, kindly hang up the call and report the number to MTN mobile money customer care.

Transferring money method

You might be wondering how are they able to mention your name as soon as they call you? well, this is the trick, they will first write down random numbers and then decide to send money to those numbers.

When your sim card is not registered, they will know you are not a mobile money registered user, when your sim card is registered, before they confirm the transaction with their pin they will see your name that you have registered your mobile money account with.

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What can you do to be safe?

The best thing to do is to be careful anytime you receive a message or call claiming to be working with MTN or calling from MTN office.


Fraudsters are always working hard to steal money from mobile money users and what they mostly do is to first get your contacts and names.

Here are what they do to get your numbers and names

  • Taking your numbers and names from merchants records book
  • The guessing method
  • Transferring money method

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