How Much Do Counselors Make On BetterHelp?

Licensed counselors in good standing who want to make money online have options these days. Online therapy platforms are becoming more popular, but one of the most renowned companies that offer this type of therapy is BetterHelp. BetterHelp is a company that allows many professionals to make a great living, and you might be curious to learn more about it. Before you commit and sign up for BetterHelp, it’s going to make sense to learn more about how well the company pays and what you can expect while working as an online counselor. 

How BetterHelp Payment Works

BetterHelp payment works a bit differently than you might expect since the company uses a compensation-based pay model. This model does away with the traditional hourly rate and instead, online counselors are compensated for everything that they do. You’re going to get paid for doing live sessions with clients as you would expect, but you’re also going to get paid for doing worksheets, chatting with clients, and sending audio messages. 

This more accurate pay model is going to make it so that online counselors don’t have to worry so much about what they’re doing. The idea is that online counselors will be able to spend more time focusing on helping clients. Since they will know that they will get paid for all of their dedicated work, it’ll be easier to do everything that is necessary to help clients enjoy better mental health outcomes. Counselors are empowered by BetterHelp to do the best work that they can possibly do. 

You will be able to earn a great living working as an online counselor at BetterHelp if you want to dedicate the time and effort to it. The most dedicated online counselors at BetterHelp are earning thousands of dollars a month. BetterHelp offers a great platform where professionals can earn a full-time living, but you can also just use online therapy work as supplemental income. The platform is flexible enough to be what you need it to be. 

Why Professionals Are Choosing BetterHelp

Aside from the fact that BetterHelp offers an accurate compensation-based pay model, professionals are choosing to work with BetterHelp because of how easy the company makes things for online counselors. Running your own offline practice forces you to focus on complicated administrative tasks. You’ll be spending much of your time handling billing, doing customer support, and marketing yourself to get more clients. BetterHelp is able to handle all of this for their online counselors so that they can just focus on doing great work. 

Currently, more than 5,000 people are signing up for online therapy at BetterHelp each week. The reasonable BetterHelp cost makes it so that the platform is very appealing, and it’s easy to find clients. You can grow a large list of clients if you wish to dedicate yourself, and this means that making a good living as an online counselor is more than plausible. You’ll be able to help people with their problems and do what you do best instead of having to focus your energies on marketing and administrative tasks. 

Satisfied clients can help you to gain more clients by leaving a positive BetterHelp review for you. Over time, you’re going to have a strong list of clients if you choose to work full-time as an online counselor. There isn’t a minimum hour requirement, though, and this means that you can take just a few clients if you only want to work online for supplemental income. It’s only expected that you should be able to dedicate at least ten to fifteen hours each week to your clients to help them out. 

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