How much is Netflix Subscription in Ghana Cedis?

Watching one’s favorite films, television programs, and TV series should be enjoyable for everyone. Since it is unquestionably the largest streaming platform in the world and requires both a subscriber and a sufficient internet data plan in order to access its services.

Netflix is one of the greatest applications for offering that sort of experience. The list of Netflix Subscription Prices and Plans in Ghana is provided below if you wish to buy one.

Prices and a list of Netflix subscription options for Ghana

Choosing a plan that works for you is one of the advantages of being a Netflix subscriber. On the other hand, Netflix has a number of pricing options, and the plan you select will depend on the services you receive. However, you will get full access to infinite streaming regardless of the package you buy.

Plan Netflix Mobile (GHS 38.46)

Without a question, the most economical Netflix subscription in Ghana is the Netflix Mobile Plan. This plan usually referred to as a low-budget plan, is the best choice if you’re only buying it for yourself and streaming on one device. The Mobile Plan has a lot of restrictions, such as not allowing simultaneous viewing on several displays or downloading across many devices.

Only regular video quality—not HD or Ultra HD—is supported under the Mobile Plan. It is a pretty fantastic bundle, though, and you can purchase it on Netflix for GHS 38.46.

Netflix Basic Plan (GHS 92.95)

Although it costs less to subscribe to Netflix in Nigeria than its Netflix Mobile Plan counterpart, the Netflix Basic Plan is still a great alternative.

With this plan, you can only download content to a certain number of phones or tablets and watch content on a single screen at once, but you still have access to an infinite amount of movies and TV series.

You’ll enjoy the basic plan because it offers HD streaming and lets you watch Netflix on your laptop and TV. Purchasing from Netflix is an excellent idea, and it only costs GHS 92.95.

Netflix Standard Plan (GHS 115.39)

If you wish to share your Netflix subscription with a friend or partner, the Netflix Standard Plan is advised. It gives only a few benefits over the basic plan.

You may simultaneously see on two screens while downloading to as many phones or tablets as you’d like with the Standard package. Additionally, you’ll enjoy unrestricted streaming access to a large selection of films, TV shows, and mobile games.

For $3,600, you may subscribe to Netflix’s Standard Plan, which includes HD streaming and allows for both laptop and television use.

Netflix Premium Plan (GHS 141.03)

With all the features of the Mobile Package, Basic Plan, and Standard Plan as well as more chances to share your account with friends and family, this is perhaps the most comprehensive Netflix membership plan available. You may download on four different phones or tablets and view content simultaneously on four screens with the premium membership.

The Ultra HD streaming, which lets you view movies in 4K resolution, is this subscription’s finest feature. For just GHS 141.03, you may share your subscription with friends and family and use the Netflix Premium plan on any device.

How to Change Your Netflix Plan

Assuming you want to switch from your current Netflix plan or downgrade to a less expensive one, here’s how to accomplish it:

  1. Signing into your Netflix account is the first thing you need to do.
  2. Select Account by clicking on your user profile.
  3. Change it to your preferred Netflix plan.

You must contact Netflix help if your account does not allow you to update your Netflix plan.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

The procedures following should be followed if you wish to cancel your Netflix subscription:

  1. Signing into your Netflix account is the first thing you need to do.
  2. Select Account by clicking on your user profile.
  3. Next, select Cancel Membership.

Since you won’t be charged, you can close your account and use it up to the following paying date before it is closed.

How to pay in Ghana for Netflix

After deciding on the selected plan that best suits your requirements and financial situation, you must pay for it. You only ever incur a Netflix subscription charge on the day you join up.

You will require an ATM debit card in Ghana in order to pay for Netflix (MasterCard or Visa Card). As an alternative, you may pay for your Netflix membership in Ghana using a confirmed PayPal account.


The cost of a Netflix subscription in Ghana is as follows, and it is quite affordable. In addition, you can subscribe based on your requirements and financial resources. To make the most of your Netflix experience, it’s essential to combine your chosen Netflix plan with a low-cost Netflix internet data bundle.

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