How Smartphones are Changing Business

The rise of smartphones changed the world forever. Gone were the days when all your phone could do was make phone calls and send texts, now you had a small computer in your hand that could do almost anything. 

Smartphones changed how businesses operated too, whether it was to improve themselves, online shopping, the online gaming industry, medicine, and multiple other industries, all were changed and improved due to smartphones. Here are the top ways smartphones have changed business. 


Smartphones have most certainly made a lot more things accessible. Online shopping, social media, the list goes on and on, filled with stuff you needed a computer to do before, but now you just need your phone. 

This means that many more websites and businesses are now available to people who before, weren’t able to get to your shop or store or whatever it may be, or had no idea you even existed. 


Advertising is probably the area that has had some of the most significant leaps thanks to smartphones. Businesses no longer need massive budgets for TV commercials or billboards, and can now spend less on online advertising, but get their business in front of many, many more people. 

Online advertising is quietly literally everywhere. No matter what website you’re on or search engine you use, you will be inundated with advertisements. Focused advertising has also helped businesses gain more attention and waste less money in the long run. 

This focused advertising is one of the biggest difference makers. Companies can now find out what their customers like and want, and then place those ads directly onto their phones. 

Continuous Online Presence

Smartphones have also increased the amount of time people spend online. Once again, you don’t have to wait to get home and hop onto your PC to go on your favorite website, it is in your hand, and this continuous online presence is great for businesses.

They have more opportunity to get their service or product in front of you, more advertising as mentioned before, and they can just do more, run more specials, giveaways, competitions, all these things can be done quicker and easier. 

Shopping Made Easy

Online shopping is now the new norm. If it wasn’t popular before, the current pandemic most certainly made it more popular than anyone could have ever imagined. Companies needed to adapt and ensure that they could offer their services or goods online.

Online shopping has definitely made shopping easier, and considering how many people do it, it has actually raised sales for businesses, as people no longer need to come to them, they can just buy from a particular business from the comfort of their home. 

Constant Communication

Tying back into the fact that people are online more due to smartphones, this has also led to an increase in communication. People are now always available, through messaging apps, social media, whatever it may be, you are always available. 

Businesses now use this aspect to stay in contact with their customers, sending emails you read just as you get them, seeing their new Instagram or Facebook post and sharing, liking or commenting on it. 

This increase in communication between brands and their customers has led to a closer relationship of sorts between the two, more brand loyalty, more people finding out about your brand, and just a general increase of brand and customer communication and interaction. 

Interaction seems to be the biggest draw for customers, the ability to comment on a photo or something and have the brand reply and a conversation could take place, this wasn’t possible before, and now this type of communication is valued very highly by customers. 

Business Reputation

Customers have also been able to use their smartphones to influence the reputation of a brand. You can comment a positive or negative review or comment on their social media, that won’t only be seen by them, but also by their lage gathering. 

There is also no limit on when you can do this, you can post a review of a restaurant while you are still in it, record a bad interaction with staff as it is happening and post it to the internet immediately. 

Businesses also know this, they know that any time if a customer isn’t having a good experience, they can take their phone out and let people know, therefore, businesses try harder to make the customer experience even better. 

Smartphones have been one of the best inventions in many years. They have enabled a lot more people to get online, and benefit from the ever expanding world that is the internet, as well as how we use the internet in our everyday lives. 

Businesses have also been ab; to benefit massively from this, as now, instead of just being visible if customers see a TV ad of theirs or a billboard, they can be seen right in the hand of their customers, increasing business and their reputation constantly. It will be interesting to see how businesses take advantage of the technology in the future, considering how much it could change in the coming years. 

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