How to activate Vodafone GHS 5 for 5GB for 7 days

Having trouble getting your money’s worth from your data plan? There are plenty of ways to get the most out of your data, and we will be walking you through them in this article. We will be talking about activating a GHS 5 plan on Vodafone Ghana network that will get you 5GB of data valid for 7 days.

Before you can start using your Vodafone GHS 5, however, you will have to set up your internet on your phone or laptop depending on the data service you are using.

How to activate Vodafone GHS 5 for 5GB for 7 days

The Vodafone GHS 5 for 5GB for 7 days bundle offer mostly comes under the made4u or the BOSSU weekend. Also, the mad4u offer is not stable and keeps changing as time goes on.

To activate using the made4u offer,

  1. Dial *530#
  2. The available offers will show up on your screen
  3. Look through and locate the GHS 5 for 5GB for 7 days
  4. Choose the option and activate the offer.

NB: You have to have the GHS 5- GHS 6 in your Vodafone balance before you can activate because you can’t use Vodafone cash for this offer. If the 5GB for 7 days offer is not available at the time of wanting to activate, there will surely be an enticing offer to choose from.

To activate using the BOSSU weekend offer,

  1. Dial *5588#
  2. Choose option 3 (Bossu weekend)
  3. Press option 1
  4. Choose your payment option (Airtime or Vodafone cash)
  5. Your selected service will be successfully activated

NB: This service is only available for your weekend thrills. You will enjoy 5GB of data from Vodafone throughout the weekend.

How do I get unlimited data on Vodafone?

Customers who prefer to go for unlimited data on Vodafone can dial *900# and choose from the options that will be shown.

How do I get free data on Vodafone?

Upgrade to Vodafone 4G and receive free 4GB data. To do so, visit any Vodafone office for a new 4G SIM. On activation, you will be credited with free data to surf the internet.


With how hard it is to get a deserving data worth your money, this Vodafone 5GB for GHS 5 is worth the amount. Follow the steps and activate and enjoy. Note that, the fee could change based of the currency rate in the country.

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