How To Add A Stop On Uber

Have you ever been in the middle of an Uber ride and realized that you need to make a stop? It’s happened to all of us. Luckily, Uber makes it easy for riders to add stops along their route — no matter if they’re already on the road or still deciding where to go. In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that.

It can be tricky adding a stop while your driver is en route, but with Uber, it doesn’t have to be! The app allows riders to suggest alternate routes mid-ride, so if you’re running late or want to grab something quickly before continuing on your way, there are options available. We’ll look at both scenarios here — whether you’ve already started your journey or are still getting ready for it.

No matter which situation applies to you, our guide will help ensure that your next Uber trip goes as smoothly as possible — even when plans change midway through. So let’s get started and take a look at how easy it is to add a stop on Uber!

Creating An Account

Creating an account is the first step to adding a stop on Uber. You’ll need to sign up, register and create a profile before you can take advantage of this feature. To start, open the Uber app or website on your device and click “Sign Up” in the top right corner. The next page will ask for basic personal information like name, email address and phone number – fill that out and hit “Next”. Then create a password that meets the security requirements. That’s all it takes to create an account! Once you’re done registering with your details, you’ll be able to customize your new profile with photos, payment methods, manage ride preferences and more. And now you’re ready to add stops when you book a ride through Uber!

Locating Your Destination

Once you’ve opened the Uber app, it’s time to find your destination. You’ll need to locate the address or have an idea of where you’re going before you can start a ride. To do this, tap on the search bar at the top and type in your destination. The app will provide several suggestions based on what you entered, so just pick whichever one applies best.

You should also be able to see a map with directions that let you navigate your route. If you want more detailed information about how to get there, you can zoom into the map and look for specific landmarks or streets that make up part of your journey. Additionally, if you know exactly where the location is but don’t know its exact address, you can use the map view to locate it directly from within Uber. From there, simply follow the provided directions and enjoy your ride!

Adding A Stop To Your Trip

Adding a stop to your trip on Uber is easy. All you need to do is select the ‘+’ icon next to your destination when booking your ride. From there, add in the extra stop and confirm it before requesting the ride. You’ll be able to see an estimated fare for each leg of the journey so that you know how much you’re paying for the entire trip including any additional stops.

Uber also allows riders to add multiple destinations at once if they have more than one place they want to go during their ride. To do this, simply enter all of your desired stops into the app while booking and Uber will take care of routing them together efficiently. This option can save time and money by ensuring that rides are taken along routes that minimize detours or unnecessary stops. So, don’t be afraid to add as many extra stops as you need – just make sure you’ve checked out the cost beforehand!


In conclusion, riding with Uber has never been easier. With the ability to add a stop during your journey, you can make sure that you don’t miss any of your important stops along the way. All it takes is two simple steps: creating an account and locating your destination in order for you to be able to add a stop on your ride.

Getting around town doesn’t have to be a hassle; with Uber, it’s easy and convenient. No matter where I’m going or what time it is, I know that my trip will be stress-free thanks to this handy feature. It’s one of the reasons why I choose Uber over other rideshare services when I need get from point A to B – and beyond!

With Uber, adding a stop really couldn’t be simpler. As long as you’ve got an account set up and know where you’re headed, you’ll be ready to take advantage of this great addition to their service. So if you ever find yourself needing to make more than one stop on your next journey, just pull out your phone and open up the app – Uber has got you covered!

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