How To Add Your Favourite Music/Song To Your Instagram Stories

We all have been using Instagram to check on family and friends, favourite celebrities pictures and videos and also have a chat and watch their stories.

Anytime you decide to surf through peoples stories on Instagram you will sometimes come across a story that has a song at the background sometimes you will see the artist and the title, sometimes too you will see the lyrics of that song on that story you are watching.

Instagram introduced stories feature in August 2016, and then later on rolled out a feature that will let you add music to your story in June 2018.

On this article I am going to take you through:

  • How to add your favourite songs to your Instagram stories
  • How to enable lyrics on your Instagram stories
  • How to add your favourite song to your video using a third-party app: Inshot

How To Add Your Favourite Song To Your Instagram Story

  1. Download/update your Instagram app to the latest version and then launch it.
  2. On your homepage, tap on the top left cameral roll icon to select a video or picture.
  3. Record your video or choose from your galley.
  4. To add your favourite music to your story tap on the sticker button and then select music.
  5. Instagram will give you options to select from, you will have popular kinds of music to choose from, also you can browse and choose from pop, love, sentimental, genres, and a whole lot. You can also search for your favourite music if you can’t find it under any of the categories.
  6. Select the music you want and then choose where you want to start the music from.

After you are done preview it to see how it will look like when you share it on your story. kindly take note that the maximum limit for music on the Instagram story is 15 seconds.
adding music to your instagram story step by step

How To Enable Lyrics On Your Instagram Story

  1. On your Instagram homepage, select the camera roll icon on the top left.
  2. Select the music or video you want to post. On the Edit menu, select the AA icon to enable the lyrics on your picture or video.

How To Add Your Favourite Song To Your Video Using A Third-Party App

Maybe you’ve searched through all the music and you can’t find your favourite music, you might be having your favourite music on your phone, or it can be a local song that Instagram can’t find or let me say it is not on their music library, but you want to add it to your video and then share it on your Instagram story.

How To Add Your Favourite Music To Your Video Using Inshot

Inshot is one of my favourite apps when it comes to video editing, it is free to use, the little downside is that it will add “Inshot” watermark at the end of the video, that is not even a problem as you can choose to watch ads so that it will be removed for you, that’s what I always do.

To add music to your video using Inshot follow these steps:

  1. Download the Inshot app from play store or apple store
  2. Inside the Inshot app select the video you want to attach your music to.
  3. Select the music icon, and then choose from tracks, effects or you can record. Inshot got featured tracks you can choose from. But if you want music from your phone storage then swipe to my music and then select the music from storage, select use.
  4. Now move the music to where you want it to start on the video, you can trim the music to the part you want.


To add music to your Instagram story,

  • Open the Instagram app
  • On the homepage, tap on the cameral roll on the top left
  • Select the video or picture you want to use for your story and then click on the emoji icon and then tap on the music
  • Browse through the music and select the one you want.

To make the lyrics appear on your story then select the AA icon to enable lyrics of that song on your story if there are any lyrics for that song.

Remember that not all songs may have lyrics and due to copyright issues, you may not be able to download the video with the song.

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