How to Add Your Name to Google Search & Become Visible Online

Have you ever wondered how to add your name or brand to Google search results? Well, with the use of this article, we are going to teach you everything there is to know about adding your name and becoming visible in Google search.

Becoming visible on google search is a way of showing flex. Google is a global search query and getting your name up there, can put some credibility on it or even on your business. Its not a must to become visiblbeen Google but if you are a social people a business person, then its worth it to show yourself up on google whenever there is a search on you or your brand.

As the most popular search engine on the Internet, Google has, for many years, been one of the most effective marketing tools at our disposal. If you want to be seen as an expert in your field or you want to gain an edge over the competition, getting your name and business in front of those who search will surely help achieve your goals.

Adding your name on google can be done using various means, depending on how you want it to be done. It can be done using a google card, it can be done using a domain. it can also be done by getting featured on a websites or using your social media pages and many others.

Using google people card

Google people card is a way of directly showing your presence on google whenever a search is made on you. It can be a way of exposing your brand for much credibility on your works. On your people card, you can include a website link, links to social profiles, education, work, contact information, and any other information which you can set it to public. To create a google people card,

  1. Go to Google or open the Google Search app on your phone.
  2. Search for yourself.
  3. At the top of search results, you’ll find the option to add yourself to Google Search.
  4. Fill out the information that you want to share publicly on your card.
  5. At the bottom, tap Preview.
  6. If you’re satisfied with your card, tap Submit.

Note: It can take up to a few hours for your card to show up in Google Search results. If you share a name with a popular person, then its best to add something that will make yours quite different from his/hers to make yours standout.

Using a domain

Brands and popular people mostly buy themselves domains using their names. With this, whenever there is a search made on such name, the domain will be the first to pop up. In the domain, you can include about you and everything you want your searchers to know so make it easier to understand what you do.

To get your details on Google using a domain, all you have to do is to purchase a domain from any trusted hosting company with your name or brand name, get your homepage designed as you want and in some few days, you will see yourself up there.

Using social media handles

Social media handles are another strong way of getting yourself up on google search. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others will get your details shown up whenever there is a search on your name on Google. So, if you want to rank, Make sure you use correct names, good pictures and an authentic about me on your social media pages in order to be able to show up above others on google.

You can publish an article about you or your brand as a guest post or normal publication on a popular website or blog and with the correct SEO practice on your article, you can also show up whenever there is a search on you or your brand on Google.

NB: Getting yourself visible on Google is not difficult. There are several ways to do that depending on how you want it to show. With the methods above, Make your choice and within some few days, you will seee results you expected.


I hope that this post helped you learn how to add your name and be visible on google. If you have any questions, feel free to use the comment box.

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