How to Apply for the Renewal of Driver’s License Online in Nigeria

Federal Road Safety Corps is a body created by the federal government of Nigeria to necessitate the adherence of the road users to the rules and regulations that have been made available in the constitution of the country; aside from being a regulatory body for road users, they also ensure that the necessary requirement for the ownership of the country is being met by all the road users. One of the important requirements all road users should meet is the ownership of a valid driver’s license.

Acquiring a driver’s license or renewing an existing one is not so easy in Nigeria, as there are a lot of stress attached to it. But the truth is no road user can drive freely without having a valid driver’s license, as not having one is going to lead to embarrassment from the law enforcing officers.

Quite a lot of people has gotten delayed or their important appointments and some have even got their vehicles seized because of this important card called a driver’s license.

A driver’s license is what validates your movement on the road as a vehicle owner in the country of Nigeria.

However, acquiring the license alone is not enough, as there is always a need to get it renewed every 3 or 5 years as the case may be; one of the things road users worry about is how they could possibly get their license renewed without having issues.

Driving without a license to do so is highly prohibited in Nigeria, and it is counted as a crime that sometimes attracts a fine of NGN 10,000 or even more; it is advisable to apply for the renewal of your license before it expires, so as to avoid every embarrassment that could come from the law enforcement officers. As soon as you apply for the renewal of your license the FRSC gives you a letter that will exempt you from being embarrassed on the road.

Applying for a driver’s license online is very easy and fast compared to going to the FRSC office in person; all the processes of the application can be completed online, and the only reason you would need to visit the FRSC office is just to submit the application form.

What qualifies you to apply for the renewal of a license is that the present license is just 30 days to the expiry date. Before you apply for the renewal of your driver’s license online, you have to make sure you have a computer system that is connected to a printer, have a good internet connection and also have a valid credit card to make payment online.

Steps Involved in the Application of the Renewal of a Driver’s License in Nigeria

  1. Visit the official website of the Federal Road Safety Corps for license renewal,
  2. Select the “renew” option and Input your license number and date of birth.
  3. Select the search button; if your current license is not going to expire in less than 30 days, then you wouldn’t be able to apply for renewal.
  4. If you meet the requirement in the above, you’ll be provided with two options: 3 years’ validity and 5 years’ validity. The 3 years’ validity costs NGN 6,350 and the 5 years’ costs NGN 10,450
  5. After you must have chosen one of the validity options, your biodata will be displayed on your screen, you could also update the existing biodata or make necessary amendments to it.
  6. All the available FRSC offices will be displayed on your screen, do well to choose the closest office to your place; have it in mind that the location you choose is where you’ll submit your form and eventually collect your renewed license.
  7. Select if you want to redo the biometric at the FRSC office or not and submit
  8. Make your payment online using inter-switch or credit card.
  9. After the payment has been successfully made, the driver’s license acknowledgement slip will be displayed.
  10. Note your application ID somewhere and print at least 2 copies of the slip displayed.
  11. Go back to the application ID of the page and select “track DL application status”
  12. Enter the application ID you noted earlier on, in the space provided.
  13. Print out another copy (2 minimum) of the confirmation slip.

After the above procedures have been concluded, you will have to move to the selected FRSC office to finalize the application. Ensure to go to the FRSC office with all the printed slips, your former driver’s license and 2 passport photographs.


Since you have done most of the application process online, you wouldn’t be required to do much in the office. After you have successfully submitted the required documents at the FRSC office, you’ll be requested to come back to the same office after 90 days to collect your renewed driver’s license.

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