How to Block Spyware on Your Smartphone

You might own the latest flagship smartphone, but did you also know that it’s prone to illegal access and malicious software? According to a new guide from the researchers at, spyware ranks high up in the list of security threats for smartphone users.

Fortunately, detecting such an app is easy. And, there are various ways you can use to learn how to block spyware on your smartphone. Besides, you don’t need any technical skills to use these measures because they are simple to set up.

How to Check Your Device for Spyware

There are various techniques you can use to check your device for spyware. A few common ways include:

  • Poor device performance – be on the lookout for issues such as increased stalling and hanging problems that might occur in your device. Furthermore, look out for when your device has any compromise in its other normal functions.
  • Constant pop-up ads – your phone is infected if you come across regular pop-up ads when using your phone or apps such as browsers. In some cases, the pop-ups contain adult material or links to phishing pages.
  • The battery heats up or drains fast – any sudden or unusual battery performance should be a vital sign of spyware. When left unchecked, this issue can eventually lead to permanent battery damage.
  • Unusual sounds during calls – check for any funny and persistent sounds when you make phone calls. The sounds often occur in the background and could be signs of an illegal app running on your phone.
  • Excessive use of data – any excessive use of data or internet plans indicates an unwanted app.

Tools That Will Help Your Protect Your Phone from Spyware

You have many options to protect your phone from spyware. Each of these tools provides a unique way of protecting your device from spyware and illegal access. These tools you can use to protect your phone from spyware include:


Otherwise, as a Virtual Private Network, a VPN refers to software that helps encrypt internet traffic. The software helps disguise your presence online, which ensures spyware or malicious programs find it hard to access your device. VPN is a common occurrence in most guides for how to block spyware.

Does a VPN protect my phone from spying? While a VPN won’t stop spy software from getting to your device, it’s excellent for concealing your footprints online. The ideal VPN should also provide secondary features such asad-blocking software and antimalware.


An antivirus is special software that helps protect your device from spyware and various other forms of malicious activity. Antivirus software can evaluate files, software, web pages, block spying apps, and various other forms of data.

It can also search for common threats and keep track of multiple programs’ performance on your device. You can even customize the specific ways in which it detects and handles threats. While antiviruses are essential for protecting smartphones, choosing the right one is crucial.

A high-quality antivirus is based on subscription offers, and it supports various secondary features. Plus, ensure it’s from a reputable brand such as Kaspersky. Plus, antiviruses require regular database updates to ensure optimal functionality.

Two Factor Authentication

Sometimes referred to as the 2FA or thedual-factor authentication, the two-factor authentication is a security process that someone uses during logins to a device. It’s a technique people employ to protect their credentials and the resources a given user can access.

Plus, the 2FA approach tends to be more effective than the Single Factor Authentication methods, such as using a passcode or password. The 2FA approach can require biometric data, fingerprint, or any other verifiable input for securing a device. It’s one of the best ways on how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone.


Overall, securing your device should be an essential priority, especially if it holds your sensitive data. You have many options in protecting your device, and each serves a unique purpose. Plus, each approach has unique benefits and drawbacks. So, take these factors into perspective to safeguard your phone from any unwanted programs.

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