How To Book a Passion Air Flight Online

Passion Air has been one of the cheapest and most comfortable local flights available in Ghana for about 3 years running.

Whether you’re looking to fly from Accra to Kumasi or Accra to Tamale or vice versa, Passionair has got a special package to offer you.

In this article, we shall look at how to book a flight on Passionair from the comfort of your home, so as to be able to enjoy some of the wonderful offers this company has.

Some of the routes travelled by Passionair include Accra to Kumasi, Accra To Tamale, Tamale To Accra and Kumasi to Accra. There are four booking options associated with each flight you book; Promotion pack, Bronze Pack, Silver pack and Gold pack.

Each of the options come with a slight difference in price with the promotion pack being the least among them.

How To Book a Passion Air Flight Online

If you would want to book a Passion Air Flight online, use the procedure below:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Book a flight” and enter your departure and arrival airport
  3. Choose the date(s) for your flight and remember to check if it is a return flight
  4. Select the number of individuals you are booking the flight for
  5. Click on “flight search”
  6. Select the flight of your choice from the list of results
  7. Click on “continue” and enter the details for each passenger
  8. Next, click on choose seat to decide which seat number you want. (Remember this will be an extra cost for each seat number you select)
  9. Under the payment methods, select your preferred method, Mobile Money, Credit Card or pay later and make the payment
  10. You’ll see your reservation number and other details on your screen. Your flight is booked!

How to Contact Passion Air

If you have any issues with your flight booking or you simply have questions, you can contact Passion Air directly using the following medium:

Phone Call: Toll-Free via 0800 221 221.

Accra Head Office:

221 Augustus Akiwumi Street
Airport West
P.O. Box CT 920, Cantonments
Accra, Ghana.

Tamale Airport Office:

Departure Hall,
Tamale Airport.

Tamale Sales Desk Office:
ADB Kaladan Branch
Opposite Kaladan Park, Tamale.

Email: [email protected] for more information and enquiries or [email protected] for complaints.


With this easy guide, you should be able to book your Passionair flight from the comfort of your home and be assured of a comfortable flight.

Be informed also that when you choose the pay later option, you have to make payment for your ticket before the date quoted on your flight reservation page or your flight would be cancelled altogether and you’ll have to rebook again.

I hope this article was helpful to you and your colleagues in your quest to book flights within Ghana. Kindly share your comments with us.

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