How To Borrow Airtime And Data On MTN Ghana More Than Once

More than often, we run out of airtime in the middle of a call or texting.

Usually, one would be left with much pain when this happens.

Most times, you’ll have to resort to your mobile money wallet, thanks to MTN Mobile money.

But, what happens if you don’t have a mobile money wallet or in the worst-case scenario, your mobile money wallet is also empty?

That brings a challenge. Perhaps it’s even deep at night or a place far from town.

How do you get airtime to finish what you started?

You know, leaving someone at the peak of a conversation could go down as a bad vibe at the end of the day.

You certainly don’t want to create any negative impression. So you want to be sure to catch up as soon as possible.

Well, MTN Ghana foresaw this problem occurring and hence decided to help you with the MTN Xtratime service.

What Is MTN Xtra Time?

The MTN Xtra time service is a service by MTN Ghana which gives active MTN customers the chance to borrow airtime and data and payback later at a 10% rate.

With the Xtratime service, you are given a limit based on how much airtime you buy and how much calls you make.

So, this service is tailor-made to fit every user’s pocket.

How To Subscribe For The MTN Xtratime

1. Dial *506#

2. Select your preferred amount (If you qualify, you should see a list of amounts)

3. You can press 4 for more options

4. To get data, you can select the “request a data advance” option

5. Select your preferred data bundle

6. Press 1 to confirm

You should receive your data or airtime afterwards.

Who Is Eligible For MTN Xtratime

Just as any other credit facility in the world, one needs to satisfy certain laid down conditions in order to be able to borrow airtime from MTN Ghana.

  1. The sim card must be a prepaid card
  2. Your main account balance shouldn’t be more than 4 cedis at the time of the request.
  3. Your sim card must be properly registered
  4. You must have recharged your line at least every month in the past 6 months.
  5. You must have a certain volume of average airtime usage in a month.

If you satisfy all the above conditions, then you are qualified for the MTN Xtratime service.

Meanwhile, it is important for you to know that MTN reserves the right to indicate if you are qualified or not.


If you are a regular airtime user, you could get an advance of up to 10 Ghana cedía worth of airtime from MTN.

Also, if you use data often, you can get 300MB and above data advance from MTN Ghana, using this service.

All you need to do is to make sure that you satisfy all the conditions above.

Finally, provided you took an airtime advance which isn’t up to your given limit, you can take another advance until you reach your limit.

So, if your limit is 5 cedis and you took 2 cedis, you can go back for another 2 cedis without first paying for the initial 2 cedis. Same way, you can request for data advance in place of the second 2 cedis airtime.

But once you reach your limit, you can’t get the data advance either.

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