How to Build Mobile Apps without Coding

You surely know that the adoption of digital technologies determines the success of your business. A beautiful and functional website is already a given. You must leverage other technologies to increase your sales and revenue. For instance, you should consider creating an app for your business.

Building an app, however, represents an extra cost to hire a developer. This can be a problem if you are on a budget. You can look for a developer that does not charge much money. Generally, those with less experience will not break the bank. But if you plan on getting a sophisticated app, it will cost you good money anyway.

Thus, if you were planning on having an app at no cost, you will have to do it yourself. However, this is much more easily said than done. The task may be daunting if you do not have any idea of programming and coding. You can start learning to code though. It is never too late. You can find many learning resources online. You can even ask a specialized company like AssignmentCore to “do my coding homework” in case you need help from programming assignment experts.

However, the process of learning a programming language to build an app is neither easy nor short. You have to invest time, money, and effort. It seems that you have to choose between these two alternatives. You either pay a developer to build your app, or you learn to do it yourself. Is there any other option?

You Do Not Need to Learn Coding

Before you lose the motivation to build your app, you must know that coding is not necessary. Nowadays, it is possible to build an app without much knowledge or coding and programming. Of course, the resulting app may or may not be as functional as the one built by a professional developer. However, if you put some effort into it, the result can be highly satisfactory.

To build a mobile app without coding, you need to use a software tool known as a mobile app builder. These tools have been around for several years. Initially, they were good to create static apps only. It was not possible to include any dynamic features with such builders. However, things have changed for the better.

Nowadays, app builders have evolved to allow the inclusion of dynamic features. So, imagine your business app with dynamic widgets and other dynamic functionalities. That would be more than enough, right? Thus, the trick consists of finding an easy-to-use mobile app builder that gives the results you expect.

What kind of dynamic features can be incorporated with the use of a modern app builder? The following are some examples:

  • You can display a YouTube channel. Thus, you will not have to add videos manually since they will be imported dynamically;
  • Likewise, you can import content from other sources such as a blog;
  • You can even create a portal for your users to gather and discuss;
  • Ecommerce features can be incorporated too. This is quite important for your business, isn’t it?

Now, let us discuss the most popular app builders. You already know what you can get from them. Thus, you will be able to select the most convenient for you more easily.

Different Mobile App Builders

The following list includes some of the most popular 5 platforms to build apps without coding knowledge:

  • AppMakr. You can use this platform to build an app for iOS or Android with many resources for you to be creative. These resources include chat rooms and support for Google maps. You build your app on the cloud and can create as many apps as you wish;
  • GameSalad. This platform is oriented toward building game apps. With this platform, you can create apps for different operating systems including iOS, macOS, and Android;
  • AppyPie. To build apps on this platform, you just have to drag and drop different components. Many good features are at your disposal, which allows you to create apps that can monetize with ads, for instance. Moreover, you can incorporate any kind of content from different sources with this builder;
  • Appery. This is another platform that does not require any coding knowledge. With this cloud-based platform, you build your app by dragging and dropping components;
  • Swiftic. This platform was previously known as Como, and you do not need any coding knowledge to use it. It offers much functionality to create business apps. This platform is among the best ones for business apps owing to the high quality of the results.

With this information, you have no pretexts to delay the building of an app for your business and save money. You will increase the profitability of your business without investing much effort or time. Try it now!

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