How to build your own car wash station

If you are like most households these days with two or three cars vying for space on your driveway, chances are you are probably spending a fair amount of money on professional car washing every week. 

With the average cost of $25-35 for a basic drive through car wash, your personal fleet is contributing to a massive sector that is responsible for keeping more than eight million vehicles clean every single day – creating a $5.8 billion industry. So if you want to save yourself the couple of hundred dollars you could unwittingly be spending on the local car wash, you might want to consider kitting out your own car wash station. An initial outlay will be required, but in the long run your own car wash could end up saving you enough to treat yourself to a special little investment vehicle for your future!

Allocate the space available

Most importantly you will need to have a dedicated space allocated for car washing. Important considerations for this are: electrical sockets, water supply, drainage. You will also need to factor in a safe space for storing any car washing chemicals, preferably in locked cupboards out of the reach of the inquiring hands of little kids!

Creating the perfect jet wash environment

There are various configurations of car cleaning sprayer and pump systems on the market, from all in one jet sprays to more complex pump systems with elevated tanks for higher volume washes. Whatever configuration you invest in, it needs to follow the following process to ensure it gives you the most professional finish possible:

Pre-rinse: pre-washing the car will help to loosen up any caked on gunk and dirt for a more thorough job.

Wash: anyone who used to wash cars for pocket money as a kid will remember the paternal ‘inspection’ that would take place when you thought you had finished, only to be shown those areas where you either couldn’t reach or didn’t even know existed (for example under the wheel trims, inside the car jams). 

Dry: drying is important. Without drying, the surface of your car will end up looking smeared and unattractive. Equally it is important to wipe down your car after washing to remove any excess washing chemicals.

Hose storage

One of the most time consuming aspects of home based car washing is finding and untangling the hose, then realizing that various holes along its length compromise the pressure of the water. The right hose and hose storage system is crucial. You will need at least 50m to give you the versatility and flexibility to get round all parts of the vehicle. 

An automatic retractable system will save you countless hours wrapping and unwrapping the hose, and getting rid of any kinks which prevent the passage of the water. It can be fixed to a wall, inside or outside. Making it accessible whenever its use is required.

Chemical storage

Bulk buying car washing chemicals requires responsible storage for the safety of those who reside in the vicinity. Create an elevated storage cupboards or closed shelves which are kept locked at all times. The chemicals also need to be labeled properly and an inventory maintained throughout all washes to ensure that correct levels of maintained.

Saving time and money

As well as saving you money, creating your own car wash on your own premises will save you significant time as well, driving to and from your local car wash. Not only can you use it for your cars, but should you have a number of different vehicles, such as lawn mowers, quad bikes, tractors and motorbikes – it will prove extremely useful.

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