How to Bulk/Mass Delete Snapchat Friends

You might wish to swiftly delete a large number of your Snapchat buddies and are unsure how to go about doing so. You might as well stop using Snapchat and other social networking applications if you don’t have many friends to interact with there.

Speaking with them, making Snapchat calls, and competing with their streak scores are all more enjoyable the more friends you have on Snapchat. Having a lot of Snapchat friends, especially strange ones, is never nice since you’ll receive a lot of unsolicited messages and snaps.

What Normally Occurs When You Delete A Snapchat Friend?

They won’t be able to see any stories or other anything you have posted that is not public after you delete them as a friend. The history of your conversations will also be erased, and they won’t be able to see you on the Snap Map. Unadded friends can still see your public stories if you make them public.

How to delete more than one snapchat friend

A built-in capability to choose multiple friends for the deletion or unadding does not yet exist. You do have a few choices, though:

  1. You have the option of deleting your whole Snapchat account, creating a new account, and adding your old friends again.
  2. Each friend can be eliminated separately (which may take a long time.)
  3. To expedite the entire procedure, utilize a macro tool.

1. Delete your Snapchat account completely

All of your pals will undoubtedly disappear from your Snapchat friends list if you delete your account. Additionally, everything connected to your account—memories, saved stories, chats, Snap Score, and more—is deleted. Your Snapchat account enters a 30-day “deactivation period” after deletion. Everything is permanently destroyed after the 30-day period has passed.

As you wait, you may create a new Snapchat account and add all of your remaining friends. This can wind up being the best option if the information associated with your Snapchat account isn’t crucial to you and you have too many friends to attempt to delete.

  1. First, click the supplied link to launch the Snapchat portal.
  2. The Snapchat site will appear. Open the “Delete My Account” link in the support section.

To continue with account deletion, follow the link.

  1. When it opens, type your Snapchat password and username.
  2. Log in to your account after providing the necessary information.
  3. You will input the OTP given through it and click the “Submit” button after receiving it on the cellphone number associated with your account.
  4. A page titled “Delete Account” will then be shown to you.
  5. Click the “Continue” button after entering your login and password a second time.

All of your friends’ accounts, including yours, will be terminated simultaneously.

2. Remove Friends One by One

We wish to avoid this one since it is tiresome. However, it is usually simplest to just remove fewer than 100 friends the traditional method.

Removing a buddy shouldn’t take longer than 10 seconds if you’re attentive. This implies that you have to be able to cut pals at a rate of at least six every minute, or 180 per hour. You may unfriend someone on Snapchat by doing the following:

  1. By selecting the Bitmoji symbol, navigating to the bottom, and selecting “My Friends,” you may access your friend list.
  2. Locate the buddy you wish to cut off.
  3. For a few moments, hold down on their name until a box appears.
  4. Select “More.”
  5. To remove a friend, click.
  6. On the confirmation box that appears, select “Remove.”

This procedure completed completed in 5 seconds or less if you’re quick, according to a source. This would still be finished in under 2 hours, even if you were to remove a staggering 1,000 individuals. and most likely act as a useful reminder to be pickier about who you choose to include in the future.

Will someone on Snapchat notice if you remove them and then add them back?

There is a potential that they will find out if you remove someone from Snapchat and then add them back. If they don’t find you thereafter using the search feature to look for the newly added friends, they will know that you have unfriended them. They could, however, believe that you blocked them.

Apply a macro

This is a fascinating one. Maybe you’ve never heard of a macro, it’s basically a means to record an activity that you want to repeat continuously on your phone for as long as you like.

You can even speed up some macros so you can simulate taps on the screen more quickly than people are physically capable of doing so!

Therefore, the concept is to record a macro of a buddy being removed. The procedure is then automatically repeated by the macro so you don’t have to. 

The program plainly has no notion who you want to keep and who you don’t, which is the sole drawback of this tactic. It can go through your list of friends and delete them one at a time for you, but it cannot ignore those you want to keep.

Even so, this could be a better option than completely deleting your Snapchat account and losing all of the associated data.

How to Make Your Phone a Macro

Currently, only Android phones can use macros (although there is a workaround for iPhones that I’ll cover in a bit).

Since every macro app is unique, discussing the precise programming of each is outside the purview of this tutorial. But some of the most well-liked Android macro applications are as follows:

  1. MacroDroid
  2. AnkuLua
  3. QuickTouch
  4. Automate
  5. E-Robot

NB: Even though everyone on your friends list would be deleted if you delete your account, this should only be done as a last resort. If you need to unfriend a big number of individuals, do it one at a time or with a macro. Even while it is frustrating, if you remain focused, it actually doesn’t take that long.


Despite the fact that Snapchat doesn’t have a built-in feature to delete numerous friends at once, there are a few workarounds

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