How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for free

Activation Lock helps you keep your device protected, even if it’s in the wrong hands, and also improves your probabilities of recovering it. In a case where you have erased your device remotely, this lock can continue to prevent anyone from reactivating your machine without your permission. What you need to do is to keep Find My [device] features turned on while remembering your Apple ID and password.

However, sometimes you buy a used device and end up needing help to bypass iCloud activation lock in order to use your device. Well, there are many paid tools to do the job, but the real question is, “how to bypass iCloud activation lock for free?”

Can you Bypass the Activation Lock for Free?

Bypass of the iCloud activation lock with the help of different free software can be easily done. Such programs may require your laptop/desktop and your phone. Below are some good options that you can use to remove your iCloudactivation lock.

Apple Support

Your first option is to request Apple to turn off Activation Lock for you. To do this procedure, visit a nearby Apple Store and take proof of purchase along with you to show that you are the rightful owner.

If you cannot prove yourself as a proprietor, the company will not help you since this could indicate that the device might be a stolen one.

To find out specific information about how Apple can help you, contact the company and explain your situation. Apple will guide you thoroughly on what to do.

Previous Owner’s Help

If you have bought a used phone, then there might be a chance that your phone is attached to the previous owner’s account. You will see the passcode screen if the device is not removed. If they are close by or you can reach them, you can ask them to input their Apple ID personally and the password; this will help the device to be removed from their account.

The steps include going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

What if the previous owner forgets their password?

The original owner can reset the password if they have forgotten it. However, remembering their Apple ID, in this case, is a must.

The Apple ID is the account that an Apple user uses for everything they do with Apple, for example, when they shop in the iTunes Store, sign in to iCloud or buy an app, etc. To reset their password, a user needs to know the email address of their Apple ID.

1. Go to the site

2. Enter the required Apple ID.

3. Select a suitable option to reset the password.

4. Choose the reset method for the password as given:

By answering the security questions

  • To reset it through email
  • To reset it utilizing the two-factor process of authentication

5. Follow the instructions given on the screen to complete the reset

DNSBypass Method

DNS stands for Domain Name Server, and the principal aim of this method is to convert your domains into different IP addresses. As you type a domain name in the browser, the DNS server will take you to the web’s concerning IP address. When you try activating your iPhone, your iPhone will connect with the DNS and then reach the Apple servers.

In a way, you can get some third-party domain name servers that will be taking your iPhone to another server instead of somewhere else. The server will help in the activation of your iCloud.

In simpler words, rather than getting in contact with the Apple servers, your iPhone will connect to specified servers specially designed to bypass your device from the activation lock. The technique locates and uses a loophole in the device settings, especially the WiFi DNS settings, and makes your device think it is now unlocked.

You need to follow these steps to get your iPhone unlocked.

  • Step 1

Turn on the device and select a language and a country from the options available for you.

  • Step 2

On the WiFi network page, connect to the network and select the option “.i.” present next to the WiFi network name mention, and it will open the details page.

  • Step 3

On the screen, select the option saying Configure DNS, and it would add customized DNS to your iPhone.

  • Step 4

Choose the Manual at the top and select the DNS servers in the input field. Select the DNS server applying to your region.

  • Step 5

Do not proceed with the screen prompt. Go back again and choose the DNS server screen and configure the options present.

Note: There is no guarantee that the technique will work, and it is not compatible with all iPhone models, especially the latest versions. Also, you need at least 80% battery to run the procedure.

The Doulci Activator

A DoulCi Activator is a free software designed to bypass the iCloud activation lock. Creating a mirror server via iTunes, the tool uses a weak point in Apple’s security with the help of iTunes. The DoulCi iCloud bypass tool does not require technical knowledge, making it a safe and useful tool capable of bypassing the iCloud activation lock with a high success rate.

Now, let’s check out the positive features of the DoulCi Activator tool.

  • This tool is available for free download and is a legit tool to bypass iCloud lock.
  • Works on all iPhone models.
  • The latest updates also work with the latest iOS version.
  • Incredibly easy-to-use.
  • The website provides support with tutorials.

Download process of DoulCi Activator

  • Step-1:Download the Doulci application on your desktop.
  • Step-2:Open the application and put in the activation code (already provided with the download)
  • Step-3:You will see the welcome page, where it will introduce you to the product, click ‘Next.’
  • Step-4:On the next page, it will ask you to disconnect any apple device so it can install the software. Once it gets installed, you will run the application and put on the serial just like before and click ‘NEXT,’ click FINISH to run the process.

Step by step process of DoulCi Activator

  • Step-1:The software will ask you to plug in your device to start doing the bypass.
  • Step-2:After this, the software will ask you to select your iPhone model and your IOS version.
  • Step-3:Write the serial number already provided with the download and click AUTHORIZE iDevice; your process will start.
  • Step-4:Wait for 5 minutes or so; a bar will be showing the progress.

Soon as the bar reaches it’s full, you will see your device unlocked as new.

How about a bonus round?

WooTechy iSalvor Bypass Tool

WooTechy iSalvor is a speedy and practical bypass tool for removing the activation lock from your iPhone. The tool leverages the iOS DFU mode technology to restore the locked iCloud device to an operating condition. Supporting an appealing visual user-interface, its feature and options are neatly laid out to see and use to get the job done quickly and easily.

Being safe while ensuring 100% results with lifetime access, Wootechy iSalvor iCloud bypass tool is used by thousands of people worldwide to unlock their iOS devices.

This beginner-friendly and easy-to-use tool is a paid tool, so there are no irritating ads or other hindrances that you can use for free on trial. Yes, you read that right,

Step by step process of WooTechy iSalvor

Step 1

Simply download the program on your desktop, open and choose the mode “iCloud Activation Lock Screen” on your screen. Through bypass the iCloud activation lock screen mode on WooTechy iSalvor, you can easily remove the activation lock.

Step 2

Now, connect your iDevice with the desktop using a lightning table. If not correctly connected, check the “Your iDevice can’t be Recognized” for more details.

Step 3

You will have to jailbreak your iDevice before using the tool for bypass. Download the package and click the “Start Jailbreak” option. Proceed to choose the instructions and click “Next” to continue. Then click “Finish Jailbreak” to end the process.

Step 4

Next, you will go through the information of your iPhone or iPad appearing on your screen. See your device model, IMEI, iOS version, UDID, and serial number before initiating the bypass process. Now click the “Start Bypass” option.

Now, the bypassing process of the Apple activation lock screen will start in a couple of seconds and will take only a few seconds to complete. As soon as the process of the WooTechy iSalvor finishes, it would display the results on the desktop screen, meaning that the lock screen is bypassed successfully. Now, choose the “Done” option to complete the process. It is this much easy!

As the process is completed, you can access all the features, including iTunes ID, Apple ID, Apple Store, among others.

The steps are simple compared to the other bypass software programs, which require a lot of technique and complicated steps. WooTechy team provides you high compatibility at low prices. The tool works for the iOS 13 version and above and lets you bypass the activation lock without any passwords.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock For Free

Activation Locks are basically a security add-on, and removal of these locks is usually challenging to be done.

However, if you have bought a used phone and it is still connected to the previous owner’s ID, you don’t have to worry as we have presented you with plenty of excellent options to bypass iCloud activation lock for free.

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