How To Cancel An Order On Jumia Ghana

Have you ever hit the buy now button on your Jumia app, only to realise that you may not need that item anymore or you may not be able to afford it anymore?

Have you asked yourself this question: How do I cancel an order from Jumia Ghana?

Well, if you answered positively, then this article is definitely a must-see and must-read for you. Sit down quietly and enjoy this painless session with me.

So, we shall look at three possible ways of cancelling an order on Jumia Ghana.

1. Filling Out The Jumia Order Cancelling Form

To use this option in cancelling an order, you need to login to your Jumia Ghana account either on the app or via your browser.

Go to your orders.

Select the order you wish to cancel

Navigate to “cancel order”

Fill in the dialogue boxes provided and state a tangible reason for the cancellation.

Submit your order cancellation form.

Patiently wait for feedback from the ever-working support team.

2. Call Customercare To Process Cancelation

The second option here is for you to give a call to the Jumia Customer care line, telling them why you wish to cancel your order.

Usually, getting in touch with Jumia Ghana via phone calls have become a bit tedious because of the large number of orders and their corresponding calls that they receive daily.

But for something as important as order cancellation, it’s still worth the try.

You may call Jumia Ghana’s customercare Via 0302740630.

◦ Call the number listed above

◦ Follow the prompts to be connected to an agent.

◦ Provide the agent with the order number, amount paid, transaction ID, ID cards for verification and date and time of order.

• If the item hasn’t left their warehouses, cancelation will be easy and fast

• If it is already on the way, the Agent will notify you of necessary action depending on whether the package will attract shipping fees or not.

3. Messaging them on Facebook or sending an email

It’s a social media age and we can’t disintegrate social media from a digital commerce brand like Jumia. As such, one of the ways one could cancel an order on Jumia is by chatting them up on Facebook or sending an email to their customer service.

All emails to Jumia Ghana should be sent via [email protected].

1. Write an email to the mail given above.

2. Indicate your order number, your refund method, your transaction ID, your phone number, your invoice number and date and time of order in your mail.

3. Wait patiently for feedback from Customer service.

Note: As much as jumia may try to respond to your mail on time, remember that as many people as possible may have sent mails to them. Therefore, yours may either go down the list and get attended to later or you may be lucky to receive an instant response. Hopefully, you get your issue resolved and your order cancelled.

Not that it may take up to a week or more for order to be cancelled and refunds made. The actual time frame will be communicated to you by customer care.

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